Stick Shadow: War Fight Android

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Dragon Ball fans have a mandatory tryout with Stick Shadow: War Fight, a fighting game application for Android with stickmen dressed as DBZ characters


Enjoy Dragon Ball Z's battles performed by stickmen

January 26, 2022
7 / 10

This game developed by Reed Been studio immerses us so deeply in the exciting battles of Dragon Ball that we can even forget that its protagonists are mere stickmen wearing wigs and costumes. This is a great two-dimensional fighting game for Android devices that includes several game modes and a huge character lineup.

Recreate Dragon Ball battles

Stickman becomes one of the most beloved characters of our childhood in Stick Shadow: War Fight, a stunning fighting game with amazing gameplay. The fighters' moves are smooth and dynamic, offering a great experience that fans of Akira Toriyama's work will especially enjoy.

Do you want to be powerful to win something, protect someone or do you just want to fight strong opponents?

The gameplay, as usual in this kind of game, has touch buttons in both lower corners of the screen to operate our character. So, in addition to a motion joystick that lets you move freely and even fly, we will have buttons for reloading our ki, kicking and punching, blocking and for special attacks.

A lot of characters for different game modes

Once you have mastered the controls of this game, you can choose from five game modes with four difficulty levels. These are the game modes:

  • History.
  • Versus.
  • Tower.
  • Tournament.
  • Training.

We can choose from a huge number of warriors, even offering us some who do not even fight in the original manga or anime, like Bulma. However, they all have the name slightly different due to the copyrights. In the beginning, we will only have a few of them. Other characters can be unlocked with the earnings we get from our battles, through watching advertising or by buying characters with real money.

The game is striking and very fun with multiple options. Its only downside is that we have to watch advertisements between battles. And that eventually gets annoying and slightly screws up the experience.

Requirements and additional information:

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