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Anime Crystal is a multiplayer fighting game for Android devices with fun pixel art visuals and starring a whole host of manga and anime characters

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The Dragon Crystal studio, the creators of the Android title of the same name, invites us once again to participate in another arcade-style fighting game in which we'll face other players in real time. Enjoy intense battles of up to 30 opponents starring characters inspired by the most popular manga and anime.

Massive anime-style battles

Anime Crystal is a two-dimensional multiplayer fighting game. But before we start dealing out punishment, we'll have to choose a character. Each one has different characteristics in terms of power, energy, defence and speed. You can also choose a skill (although you will have to buy it).

Manganime fans will find old acquaintances from popular series such as Dragon Ball, Zodiac Knights and Naruto, among others. You can also choose superheroes from other franchises, such as one that curiously resembles Spider-Man.

Real-time multiplayer online gameplay with up to 30 players.

Once you have chosen your warrior, you'll have to choose a server (Brazil or the United States) and create a room or join one of those already available. The next step is to choose a game mode: play against opponents one by one (PvP) or participate in battles with up to 30 players. You can also choose between public or private battles, so you can play with everyone or just with your friends.

To fight we have directional arrows and a series of touch buttons located in the lower right corner, with which we can activate the different powers and skills of our character. There are four delightfully designed scenarios where you can try and hit everything that moves, as well as a whole host of different characters. And all created in a beautiful pixel-art style.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Laura Stutt
Dragon Crystal
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