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Oddmar is an entertaining adventure and platform game featuring an unadapted Viking. Overcome all sorts of obstacles using your skill and intelligence

A unique design for a great 2D platform game

March 30, 2021
9 / 10

Oddmar is one of the greatest revolutions of the mobile game market as of late. It's a game that combines the platform, action, and adventure genres. all under a visual aspect that reminds us of Norse mythology. Oddmar is the name of our main character, a Viking with serious problems to integrate with his fellow Vikings. However, everything will change when a fairy offers him the miraculous power of mushrooms, that offer him extra strength and power to set off on a new adventure.

A free-hand Viking world.

We'll have to advance through levels drawn in 2D, overcoming obstacles and collecting the golden triangles on our way whilst we go through dark caves, climb vines, and dodge fireballs. We'll gradually manage to complete each level and discover the game's plot.

Main features

  • A heavy-weight game, just under half a GB.
  • 24 levels.
  • Final bosses at the end of each world that will make it harder to advance.
  • Put your reasoning and logic capacity to the test to complete the puzzles and challenges.
  • Get hold of all sorts of magic weapons and shields for your character.
  • Plot is written by Frank Gibson and narrated by Julian Casey.
  • Motion Comic-like illustrations.
  • Norse music is written by Pär Svensson with traditional instruments.
  • By the creators of Leo's Fortune.
  • Play offline.
  • Winner of the best German game design in 2019.
  • Winner of the 2018 Apple Design Award.

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