The best platform games for Android

If you’re into games in which you have to run, walk, climb or jump around platforms without falling off the edge on your way to success, take a look at our platform games for Android

Super Mario Bros 1.2.5 English

Unofficial version of Super Mario for Android

Geometry Dash Lite 2.2.14 English
Geometry Dash Lite 2.2.14

Platform game with a frenetic pace

Super Mario Run 3.2.0 English

Mario's auto-runner game now lands on Android

Cuphead English

The version of Cuphead for Android

Nihilumbra 4 English

An immersive platform adventure based on colors and physics

LIMBO 1.20 English
LIMBO 1.20

A dangerous journey to darkness

Spider-Man Ultimate Power 3.0.1 English

Arcade platformer based on our spider hero

Sonic Mania Plus 5.0.1 English

A new Sonic mobile game with a retro tone

Level Devil 1.11.0 English
Level Devil 1.11.0

A platform game with many surprises

The Classic Penguins Bros 5.55 English

An arcade with penguins and bombs

Marcus Level 1.1 English

The game of the cartoon series Mega Marcus for Android

Killer Bean Unleashed 5.08 English

An assassin bean stars this action-platform adventure

Henry Danger Crime Warp 1.1 English

Henry Danger's official game

Sonic CD Classic 3.6.1 English

Relive the adventures of the Sega classic

Rayman Classic 1.0.1 English

The original version of Rayman

Geometry Dash Meltdown 2.2.141 English

The hottest sequel to Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash World 2.2.14 English

New version of the geometry-based arcade platformer

Super Mario 2 HD 1.0 English

Game developed by Nintendo's Mario Bros. fans

Geometry Dash SubZero 2.2.141 English

New levels and challenges for Geometry Dash

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic 3.12.2 English

The remastered version of Sonic for Android

Super Bino Go English
Super Bino Go

An excellent tribute to Mario Bros

Looney Tunes Dash! 1.93.03 English

The Warner Bros. characters in a platform game

Krrish 3 1.6.0 English
Krrish 3 1.6.0

Run, jump, and climb around the tallest buildings in Bombay


Platform game with an excellent design

Dan the Man: Action Platformer 1.11.82 English

Cute classic ninja arcade game

Penguin Run 1.6.5 English

Nice platform game featuring a penguin

Skater Boy 1.18.50 English
Skater Boy 1.18.50

Showcase your skateboarding skills

Lep's World 2 5.5.3 English

Platform game featuring a leprechaun

Mario's World 2016 1.3 English
Mario's World 2016 1.3

For everyone who wants to play a Mario Bros. lookalike

Gumball Rainbow Ruckus 0.000.24 English

Help Gumball and Darwin to recover Elmore's rainbow

Super Bear Adventure 11.0.1 English

Join the adventurous bear on this retro trip.

Red Ball 4 1.07.06 English
Red Ball 4 1.07.06

The fourth instalment of Red Ball

Oddmar 0.111 English
Oddmar 0.111

A unique design for a great 2D platform game

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 2.5.0 English

Enjoy the Sega character in your Android

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic 1.10.2 English

The 90s' classic comes straight to the heart of your phone

Stickman vs Zombies 1.5.39 English

Zombie and platform game starring stickman

Miriam 2.2 English
Miriam 2.2

A bloodcurdling action and platform game

G-Switch 3 1.3.6 English
G-Switch 3 1.3.6

Endless racing game at full speed

Dragon Land 3.2.4 English

Welcome to the land of dragons

Lep's World 5.4.7 English

The platform game featuring a leprechaun

Ben 10 Alien Run 1.5.149 English

A good platform game about the adventures of Ben 10

Snow Bros 1.1.4 English
Snow Bros 1.1.4

The classic platform arcade game is now on your Android

Typoman Mobile 1.0 English

Puzzles and platforms in a dark, gloomy, spooky world

Trap Adventures 2 1.9997 English

The impossible platform game

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 1.1.2 English

Platform game for Android featuring robot unicorns

Ball V 0.5.2 English
Ball V 0.5.2

Help the hero save the world

Alien Run 1.0.2 English
Alien Run 1.0.2

Earn crypto coins by playing this platform game

Chicken Scream 2.2.3 English

Talk the chicken into moving

Happy Jump 1.12.2 English
Happy Jump 1.12.2

Ascend to the heavens with a cheerful jelly

Victo's World 1.8.5 English

Mario Bros style platform game

Mimpi 1.1.9 English
Mimpi 1.1.9

Help this cute little dog to find his owner

Where's Samantha? 1.0 English

Help two pieces of fabric in love find each other again

Short Life 24 English

Will you succeed in taking your character to the end in one piece?

bhop pro 2.4.3 English
bhop pro 2.4.3

Don't stop jumping while you're running

Diamond Quest 2.89 English

Solve puzzles and find the output on each screen

Walk Master 1.57 English

A platform game in which you have to help a sheep walk with stilts

Cat Bird 2.1.1 English
Cat Bird 2.1.1

Pixelated cat aventure

MEGA MAN X DiVE 5.1.1 English

A Mega Man game that can be played online

Stickman Parkour Platform 5.3 English

A fun platform game staring a stickman

Fast like a Fox 1.4.12 English

Platformer with innovating controls

Swordigo 1.4.6 English
Swordigo 1.4.6

Discover a platform and role-playing adventure

Dream On A Journey 2.2 English

Dark platform game in a dream world

Stickman BMX 1.5.3 English

Ride a BMX with Stickman

Apple Knight 2.3.4 English

Medieval adventures and retro-style platforms

Super Phantom Cat 1.162 English

Pretty platforms game in retro style starred by a cat

Ninja Arashi 1.8 English

A former legendary ninja takes up arms in this platform game

Will Hero 3.4.0 English
Will Hero 3.4.0

A traditional old platform game

Jungle World of Ted Adventure 1.2.57 English

A Super Mario clone for Android

Super Plumber Run 1.1.5 English

A clone of the most popular plumber in the gaming world

Super Sario English
Super Sario

Mario's impersonator needs your help

Ninja Must Die 1.0.72 English

An amazing side-scrolling game with ninjas and samurais

Incredible Jack 1.35.4 English

A classic style platform game

Nameless Cat 1.12.1 English
Nameless Cat 1.12.1

Help a kitten get back to his human

Sqube Darkness 4.1.0 English

A dark platform and puzzle game

Donkey Kong 2.0 English

Exterminate the bugs sent to us by the giant monkey

We're Impostors 1.5.0 English

Among Us impostors team up to kill

Mad Dex 2 1.3.2 English
Mad Dex 2 1.3.2

Gruesome platform game not suitable for the faint of heart

Mr Autofire 1.11.6 English
Mr Autofire 1.11.6

Fight invading aliens in this excellent platform game

Unicorn Dash Attack 3.10.199 English

Adorable infinite race game starring a unicorn

DERE EXE 9.0 English

Feel the terror in a retro-style platform game

Catch the Rabbit 1.0.0 English

Go for the handling rabbit!

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space 11.3.4 English

Walk the edges of the Universe with Nyan Cat

Escape Sponge Prison 1.0 English

Get the key and help SpongeBob escape prison

Fireman 1.0.9 English
Fireman 1.0.9

Become a heroic fireman with water jetpack

Bob's World 1.419 English

A platform game reminiscent of Nintendo

Lep's World 3 5.5.3 English

A leprechaun plaform game

Gunstar Heroes Classic 6.4.0 English

One of the best platform games ever made by SEGA

Legendary Stuntman Run 1.8 English

Wipeout-style racing game

Nob's World - Jungle Adventure 10.46 English

Excellent Mario-style platform game

Land Sliders 1.9 English

A different colorful kind of platformer game

Cublast English

An arcade game in which gravity is really important

Starlit Adventures 3.3.0 English

Help Starlit to recover all the stars

Happy Race 1.2.5 English
Happy Race 1.2.5

Take part in the craziest races

Train Runner 1.0.19 English
Train Runner 1.0.19

Entertaining arcade platform game on a train

Super Dragon Adventure 1.1.1 English

A Dragon Ball game a la Mario Bros

Jungle Monkey Saga 2.2.0 English

Lead this monkey in his adventures in the jungle

Panda Run 2 1.2.1 English
Panda Run 2 1.2.1

Help this panda to find his way out of the forest

Jumper Cat 1.1.0 English
Jumper Cat 1.1.0

Overcome every challenge to rescue Tigra in this platform game

Bit Heroes Runner 2.1.8 English

A frantic scroller with a retro touch

Super Cats Tales: PAWS 1.0.61 English

Join the cats as they explore a pixelated world and save Nekoland

Autogun Heroes 1.7.0 English

Wipe out the evil aliens by shooting them

Super Tribe Boy 1.4.3 English

A platform game with old-school references

Kitty Death Room 1.1.0 English

Help the kitten escape from a dangerous tower

HerrAnwalt: Lawyers Legacy 0.233 English

Use your powers as a lawyer to save the students

Lucky Luna 1.0.10 English
Lucky Luna 1.0.10

Help a young woman discover the secrets of her past

Poinpy 1.0.4 English
Poinpy 1.0.4

Jump and pick fruit to feed a hungry creature

Mad Dex Arenas 1.2.6 English

Use your parkour skills to save your girlfriend

Evan's Remains 1.3.7 English

A beautiful graphic adventure with puzzles and a retro touch

Spider Trouble 1.3.120 English

Help the spider escape from the lawnmower!

Super Mombo Quest 1.3 English

Fast-paced arcade with a classic touch

Retro World 1.2.1 English

An adventure for 16-bit video game nostalgics

Red Ball Roller 3.1.0 English

Stop the villains from turning the world into a square!

Hanger World 1.40 English

Help Stickman to balance and reach the finish line in one piece

Hoppy Frog 2 1.2.8 English

Help the frog survive in the city

Dadish 1.25.0 English
Dadish 1.25.0

Help daddy radish find his children, who have disappeared from the orchard

Swordman: Reforged 2.1.3 English

The cutest ninja gets back on the platforms

Prince of Persia: Escape 1.2.4 English

Successful revision of the classic Prince of Persia

My Friend Pedro 1.11 English

Take revenge on your friend in this 2D action game

Hello Yogurt 1.25.2 English
Hello Yogurt 1.25.2

A platform game featuring lactobacillus

DinoScape 1.8.30065 English
DinoScape 1.8.30065

2D dinosaur platform game in retro style

Roller Ball 6 6.1 English

Platform game featuring a smiley ball

Red Stickman 1.6 English

Platform game starring stickman in a labyrinth of dungeons

Red and Blue Stickman 1.3.5 English

Find your way out with the power of teamwork

Shadow Man: Crystals and Coins 3.5 English

Collect the diamonds and avoid your enemies in this platform game

Cartoon Network's Party Dash 3.0.3 English

Join the Cartoon Network characters to get revenge on the killers

Rooms of Doom 1.4.83 English

Help Dr. Doom test his hybrid animals

Kitten Up! 4.1.2 English
Kitten Up! 4.1.2

Addictive endless jumper starring a cat

Monkey Ropes 2.82 English

Two monkeys tied together by a rope: get them to advance

Bunny Skater 1.7 English

Help the bunny skater collect carrots

Happy Hop 1.1.21 English
Happy Hop 1.1.21

Help Miimos reach the highest possible level

Ice Cream Jump 1.20.2 English

Help this smiling ice-cream to jump across the skies

Mr Jump 2.0.3 English
Mr Jump 2.0.3

Jump and jump non-stop to avoid the spikes

Happy Poo Jump 1.9 English

A fun game with a jumping shit

Kaasje 1.9.8 English
Kaasje 1.9.8

Easy but fun platform game

Into Mirror 1.0.15 English
Into Mirror 1.0.15

Platform game in a futuristic cyberpunk world

Wobble Journey 1.25 English

A platform game with puzzles and excellent animation

Air Penguin 1.1.5 English

Jump with your penguin without falling into the water

Ignatius 1.0.8 English
Ignatius 1.0.8

A dismal black and white platform

Leap Day 1.117.5 English
Leap Day 1.117.5

You'll never get bored jumping up and down

Bubble Bobble 1.1.11 English

The Android version of the Taito classic

Jump Arena 0.11.00 English
Jump Arena 0.11.00

Jump higher and higher to win

Pocong Hunter 1.9.2 English

Help the boy rescue all of the kidnapped villagers

PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes 4.1.1 English

Platform game starring by the characters of the TV series

Hotel Transylvania Adventures 1.3.9 English

Explore Hotel Transylvania with your favorite characters in this adventure game

Super Cat Tales 2 1.5.7 English

Sequel to the funny Alex the cat platform game

Sword Of Xolan 1.0.14 English

Pixelated medieval-style action and platforms game

Once Upon a Tower 24 English

Become the princess who rescues herself

Kid Chameleon 6.4.0 English

The return of one of the best arcade platformers for Mega Drive

Jungle Boy Adventure 1 English

A Super Mario game for Android

One More Jump 1.4.1 English

Fun as well as crazy platform game