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Would you like to play a platform game that reminds you of the classic Mario Bros? If so, get going and give it some, in the Lep's World 3 adventure

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Lep and his cheerful friends were happy in their village until one day the trolls (the real ones, not the internet ones) turned up to steal the leprechauns' gold and kidpnap all of the villagers. Lep is one of the few to get away. But things will not rest there. The little lep will set off on an adventure to rescue all of his kith and defeat the evil trolls.

Lep's World 3 is a classic platform game which combines old-school and modern gameplay.

In this third episode of the series, the monsters are still proving to be a real pain for our nice characters. Using humor as its flag, this platform game invites you to travel to the world of leprechaun rainbows and clovers. It is obviously inspired by the classic games, particularly the Mario Bros series. But here, instead of throwing fireballs at your enemies, you get to throw pineapples and stones.

Jump and run in Lep's World 3 and have fun in 5 wonderfully designed fantasy worlds with 220 levels.

A wide world to explore

Before being able to save your Lep friends, you will have to get through 220 levels divided into five different worlds, where you will combat a ton of enemies and final enemies. Use touch buttons to move sideways, jump, double jump, and attack. The adventure is full of items, special abilities, and temporary powers that will add a touch of spice to the proceedings.

Meanwhile, in Lep's World 3 you will be able to play with four different characters (Lep, a tough guy, a kid, and a girl, all leprechauns). It may not be the most sophisticated game ever, and might seem a bit simple to serious gamers. But is is a nice game, doesn't take too long to play, and the characters are pretty cute.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
nerByte GmbH
Over a year ago
This year
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