Download openMSX free, an emulator of the old MSX computers that were so famous in the 80's. Enjoy the computer games from your childhood with openMSX


MSX computer emulator

December 10, 2018
8 / 10

During the decade of the 80s the MSX domestic computers became a standard for quality. If you ever had one and you are feeling nostalgic, you can use openMSX, an emulator of that kind of computer.

Perfect emulation.


  • Command interface by means of sockets: control the software with any external application.
  • TCL scripting.
  • EmuTime model that allows real time timing.
  • Precise pixel rendering.
  • openMSX Catapult: additional GUI for the software.
  • Save status, compatible with new versions and those of other platforms.
  • Save a file's event log. Go back in time, repeat operations or fix errors.
  • Launch various machines on a single program interface.

Get hold of a few ROMs and start enjoying yourself

As the vast majority of emulators, openMSX doesn't include ROMs, but a simple search on Google will offer you many files that can be used together with this software.

If you miss your old MSX computer, don't hesitate and download openMSX for free.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download doesn't include any ROMs.
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