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PC Tools AntiVirus protects your PC with the IntelliGuard technology. Download PC Tools AntiVirus for free and avoid the Internet threats on your computer

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Nowadays everyone uses the Internet to work, communicate and search for information, which leaves our computer exposed to a wide range of threats, like viruses, worms and trojans. On many occasions having a good anti-virus is just not enough to protect our computer, we need software that can protect all the accesses to our system in real-time.

  PC Tools AntiVirus will keep our computer protected constantly against all threats, thanks to it's IntelliGuard technology, that works in real-time to protect the computer and warns us about any problem or threat that we receive by email or while browsing, detecting, disinfecting and destroying all types of malware.

  Furthermore, the program has an intelligent detection method by means of which, if it detects a virus unknown to the program, it will put the file in quarantine until it's able to eliminate if from the system. PC Tools AntiVirus also has an update system so it's never out-dated.

  Keep your computer free of viruses with PC Tools AntiVirus.
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This download is an installer that requires an Internet connection to install the program.
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