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Launch your favorite Windows games on Linux thanks to PlayOnLinux. As it's based on Wine, downloading this app ensures compatibility between systems


Run your favorite Windows games on Linux

March 11, 2019
8 / 10

Linux detractors have always held against this operating system its limitations regarding not providing a video game offer similar to other platforms. Although it's true that it has certain limitations, there's a solution to at least be able to play some Windows games. And that is to download PlayOnLinux.

Don't swap platforms to be able to play

It's a program based on Wine, which allows you to use Windows programs on Linux, but the use of which is focused on game playing. It isn't too complicated as you only have to choose the type of environment for the game, configure the settings of the graphics card and you're ready to play. Mind you, many games require a 3D acceleration card.

With PlayOnLinux you won't have to resort to Windows to play.


  • Windows isn't necessary to use it.
  • Based on Wine.
  • Features can be expanded with plug-ins.
  • Possibility to download patches for games.

Download it and enjoy some of the best games on Linux without having to migrate to other platforms.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Some games may not work properly.
  • Not all games are supported.
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