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SuperTuxKart is a car racing game similar to the Mario Kart game starring the Linux mascot, the penguin Tux, and other mascots from the open source world


The racing game of Tux, the mascot of Linux

September 30, 2020
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The penguin Tux has been the mascot of Linux since 1996 and, as with other characters in the computer world, he also has his own video games. One of them is clearly inspired by the mythical Mario Kart from Nintendo: we are talking about SuperTuxKart.

Funny races starring Tux and his friends

This racing game for Linux, which has its corresponding version in Mac and Windows, introduces us to this character and other mascots from the open source world in a frantic and fun kart racing game with which we can go at full speed through different circuits and scenarios.

The aim of this game is to make it as fun as possible, so the controls have been kept as simple as possible. At the same time it offers a quality graphic environment and all kinds of comical situations to compete in crazy races.

These are the main features that the game offers us:

  • Compete with Tux and other open source software mascots.
  • Up to 20 different circuits to compete on.
  • Compete against the game itself or split screen with your friends.
  • Different game modes: time trial, Grand Prix and three round battle.
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