6.2.17 Analyze the sound that you use when you speak. If you are looking for a program to study phonetics, Praat is the best free solution that you can find
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Praat is a program specially designed for phonetics teachers and students. This application allows the user to record or load audio files and to view them graphically.

Bring audio graphical representation to your PC

The interface used for Praat is rather sober, but taking into account that it has been designed to be used in a studying environment, this isn't really a problem. The interface itself is divided into two, one window where the actions and the files are chosen, and another where it will be possible to see the graphic representation of the sound file.

As well as being a tool that can be used by phonetics specialists, who use it to study patterns in how people speak and pronounce different words, it can also be used by people that are studying English as a foreign language to improve their pronunciation when speaking in that language.

Therefore, if you want a program to study English pronunciation and phonetics, or you are looking for an application that will help you to improve your English, download and install Praat on your computer.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Paul Boersma y David Weenink
3 months ago
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