Sacraboar is an entertaining strategy game in which the main characters are pigs. Download Sacraboar and assure your victory and obtain the Pig Trophy

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If you like real time games, Sacraboar can be your cup of tea. It only has one game mode, but it is very entertaining and fun. Even though many called it "Capture the Flag" in Sacraboar, its name is "Capture the Pig".

As you may have guessed by now, the main characters of this game are pigs. It is all based in a world inhabited by pigs. From the combat units to the trophies that we have to achieve. Everything has the name and shape of pigs.

  Once we start to play, we will have enough resources to create our own army, and each time a unit is eliminated we will be able to substitute it by spending the money we gather. But if we really want to create trouble for our opponents, what we will have to do is build resource buildings and increase the size of our army.

  The more pigs we have attacking the enemy and defending our base, the bigger the chance that we will be able to win the battle. Because, of course as soon as we have the Pig Trophy we will have to take it back to our own base, and the isn't as simple as it looks.
Requirements and additional information:
It is a limited version of the game.
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