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Save The Girl is a puzzle and riddle game in which we will have to use our brains to find the best way of rescuing the kidnapped girl from her captor

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Save The Girl is a puzzle game featuring a girl who finds herself kidnapped by a sinister unicorn. Our mission is to solve the different puzzles and riddles in order to get her out of there alive.

Dozens of levels with puzzles to be solved

The game presents us with the following situation: we find a girl captive in a room. We will have to choose between two options which will release her, but only one is the right option, while the other will lead to an even bigger problem for her. If you manage to get through that, you will face one puzzle after another where you will have to choose one of two options... and go carefully, because if you get it wrong at the very least you will have start the level again: in some cases the game will be over.

The riddle in each room will force you to think outside the box. That means that choosing the most obvious or logical option may not be the best way of resolving the problem. And watch out, because the kidnapper is constantly on the prowl.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Lion Studios
3 months ago
146.1 MB

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