Puzzles for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic

Tigerball 1.2.3 English
Tigerball 1.2.3

Get the ball into the bowl defying the laws of physics

Block Puzzle Jewel 37.0 English

Destroy blocks of dazzling gems

Big City Adventure San Francisco 1.1.30 English

Explore San Francisco completing puzzles

The Croods 1.3.1 English
The Croods 1.3.1

Live adventures with a family during the Stone Age

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5 English

Where's Waldo? now on Android

Talking Tom Pool English
Talking Tom Pool

A game with aquatic puzzles featuring Talking Tom's characters

Happy Glass 1.0.31 English
Happy Glass 1.0.31

Solve puzzles of logic to fill the glass of water

Where's My Perry? 1.7.1 English

Help Perry save the world

Find The Differences - The Detective 1.4.0 English

Solve the investigations by discovering the differences

Toy Story: Smash It! 1.0.2 English

Catch the evil Zurg

Polysphere 1.3 English

Puzzle game with amazing graphics

Where's My Water? 1.11.1 English

Solve the puzzles and fill the bath with water

Wood Block Puzzle 21.0 English

Complete the rows to earn points

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.1 English

Help the angriest birds to recover their eggs

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.2 English

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Escape Room: Mystery Word 1.3.5 English

Escape from the rooms by guessing the door's password

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle 1.12.3 English

Help Jason to kill as many victims as possible

Scribblenauts Unlimited 1.27 English

Help Maxwell with your imagination as your only limit

Tiny Thief 1.2.1 English
Tiny Thief 1.2.1

Steal from the rich and seek justice

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble 2.2.6 English

Game based on the Yo-kai Watch role-playing game series

Zootopia Crime Files English

Become a law enforcement agent in Zootopia

Hitman GO 1.12.86482 English
Hitman GO 1.12.86482

Entertaining turn-based puzzle game

Hello Stars 2.3.2 English

Take the ball to the stars in this puzzle game

Panda Pop 6.7.011 English
Panda Pop 6.7.011

Bubble shooter featuring cute panda bears

Angry Birds 2 2.27.1 English

New challenges in the second part of Angry Birds

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 5.4.4 English

Help Stella the Witch to release the Fairy Queen

Block! Hexa Puzzle 1.5.33 English

A puzzle game about fitting in hexagons

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 1.2.5 English

A game with loads of monsters and puzzles

Angry Birds Stella POP! 3.56.1 English

Angry Birds' bubble bursting game

Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

Build vehicles for the green pigs and pass all the levels

Woody Puzzle 1.1.8 English

A puzzle that will remind you of Tetris

Ball Shoot! 1.1.5 English

A new Zuma-type game

Apparatus 1.2.1 English
Apparatus 1.2.1

Puzzle game inspired on The Incredible Machine

Angry Birds Space 2.2.14 English

New adventures in outer space for the angry birds

Bubble Shooter: Christmas Day 4.0 English

The most Christmassy bubble shooter

Hidden Hotel 1.1.8 English

Find the hidden objects and unveil the mystery

Sokoban 2.2 English
Sokoban 2.2

Game about puzzles of logic

Doctor Who: Legacy 3.5.2 English

Doctor Who's game to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.9.25 English

Rovio's birds dress up as Star Wars characters

Love Balls 1.4.3 English
Love Balls 1.4.3

Help two balls in love to get together