Puzzles for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic

Tigerball 1.1.8 English
Tigerball 1.1.8

Get the ball into the bowl defying the laws of physics

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5 English

Where's Waldo? now on Android

Poly Artbook 1.0.1 English

Relax with this puzzle game

Diamond Digger Saga English

Dig to find diamonds and other treasures

Captain Cat 1.1.0 English

Simple and entertaining fishing game

Puzzledom 7.0.1 English
Puzzledom 7.0.1

Collection of puzzle games for Android

Hello Stars 1.5.4 English

Take the ball to the stars in this puzzle game

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.1 English

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Wood Block Puzzle 21.0 English

Complete the rows to earn points

Make7! Hexa Puzzle 1.4.27 English

Rack your brains to solve these puzzles

Woody Puzzle 1.0.6 English

A puzzle that will remind you of Tetris

Perfect Angle 1.6 English

Puzzle game based on optical illusions

1LINE - One Line with One Touch 2.0.3 English

Connect all the dots with only one line

Cut the Rope Full Free 3.7.0 English
Cut the Rope Full Free 3.7.0

One of the most awarded games of the last few years

Where's My Perry? 1.7.1 English

Help Perry save the world

ROTE 2.3 English
ROTE 2.3

Solve the puzzle to continue your way

Zootopia Crime Files English

Become a law enforcement agent in Zootopia

Zip Zap 2.01 English
Zip Zap 2.01

Addictive yet simple puzzle game

Block Puzzle Jewel 33.0 English

Destroy blocks of dazzling gems

Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

Build vehicles for the green pigs and pass all the levels

Two Fingers One Brain 2.5.1 English

Simple games to be played two at a time

Pixel Doodle - Color By Number 1.2.3 English

Relaxing puzzle game about coloring in drawings

Christmas Mahjong 1.0.9.m English

A very Christmassy Mahjong

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble 2.2.6 English

Game based on the Yo-kai Watch role-playing game series

Where's My Water? 1.10.0 English

Solve the puzzles and fill the bath with water

Contre Jour 1.1.4 English

One of the best puzzle games for Android devices

Logic Master 7 English

Train your brain

Boulder Dash-XL 1.0.3 English

A classic of the 80's on your smartphone

2048 7.02 English
2048 7.02

The trendiest maths game

MacGyver Deadly Descent 1.11 English

Frenetic adventures with MacGyver

Slice It! 1.8.6 English
Slice It! 1.8.6

Slice and cut the objects to solve the puzzle

Angry Birds Stella POP! 3.33.0 English

Angry Birds' bubble bursting game

Find Differences 4.7.0 English

Spot the 5 differences between 2 images

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 1.2.5 English

A game with loads of monsters and puzzles

Angry Birds 2 2.18.1 English

New challenges in the second part of Angry Birds

Lara Croft GO 2.1.90677 English
Lara Croft GO 2.1.90677

Explore ruins with the main character of Tomb Raider

Dark Echo 1.3.2 English
Dark Echo 1.3.2

Explore the world through sound

Brain It On! 1.6.3 English

Physics-based puzzle game

Peak - Brain Games 3.3.5 English

Train your brain with this collection of games

Smurfs Bubble Story 1.11.11883 English

Smurfs game based on Puzzle Bobble