The best Puzzle games for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic with this list of the best puzzle games for Android

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3 English

Help the angriest birds to recover their eggs

TETRIS 5.14.1 English
TETRIS 5.14.1

One of the all-time most famous puzzle games

DOP 2: Delete One Part 1.3.3 English

Solve puzzles using your eraser

Brain Out 2.8.5 English
Brain Out 2.8.5

Puzzle game for kids but that doesn't mean it's easy

Brain Up 1.1.1 English
Brain Up 1.1.1

Put your brain to the test with these puzzles of logic and ingenuity

4 Pics 1 Word 62.20.2 English
4 Pics 1 Word 62.20.2

The Android game about guessing the word hidden behind 4 images

Paper Fold 200332 English
Paper Fold 200332

Solve the puzzles by folding the papers to compose drawings

Braindom 2.3.5 English
Braindom 2.3.5

Puzzle and brain-teaser game that tests logic and wits

Tiny Thief 1.2.1 English
Tiny Thief 1.2.1

Steal from the rich and seek justice

That's Not My Neighbor 1.0.9 English

Stop doppelgängers from trying to enter the building

Talking Tom Pool English
Talking Tom Pool

A game with aquatic puzzles featuring Talking Tom's characters

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.9.25 English

Rovio's birds dress up as Star Wars characters

Big City Adventure San Francisco 1.1.30 English

Explore San Francisco completing puzzles

Machinarium 3.1.8 English

A beautiful graphic adventure starring an endearing robot

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.2 English

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Storyteller English

Complete fairy tale puzzles

LGBT Flags Merge 0.0.25500_22f2d92 English
LGBT Flags Merge 0.0.25500_22f2d92

Merge flags and learn about the wonderful world of sexual orientation

World Trip 1.1.2 English
World Trip 1.1.2

Travel around the world with your doggies

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble 2.2.6 English

Game based on the Yo-kai Watch role-playing game series

Infinite Craft Alchemy 1.09 English

Mix words and expand your dictionary of concepts and terms

Angry Birds Space 2.2.14 English

New adventures in outer space for the angry birds

Watermelon Game 1.0.36 English

Lovely fruit puzzle game

Love & Choices 2.4.0 English

Make the best decisions to help Jess

Angry Birds 2 3.19.0 English

New challenges in the second part of Angry Birds

Angry Birds Rio 2.6.13 English

The angriest birds in mobile gaming

Bad Piggies 2.4.3379 English
Bad Piggies 2.4.3379

Build vehicles for the green pigs and pass all the levels

Diggy's Adventure 1.21.0 English

Fun Piping Puzzle Game

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter 1.2.2 English

Play Uncharted on your iPhone

Where's My Perry? 1.7.1 English

Help Perry save the world

Block Blast 4.2.6 English

A version of the classic block puzzle game

Magic Merge: Infinite Alchemy English

Combine elements and compounds to craft the world

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle 6.0 English

Insert and remove screws to solve puzzles

Old Man's Journey 1.10.1 English

A beautiful puzzle game that will make you think a lot

CSI: Hidden Crimes 2.60.3 English

Puzzle game inspired by CSI Las Vegas

Woodle 0.09 English
Woodle 0.09

Puzzles, screws, wood, fun, and lots of ingenuity

Smiling-X Corp 2.3.2 English

Escape from the office in this game of terror

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5 English

Looking for Waldo has landed on Android

100 PICS Quiz English
100 PICS Quiz

Guess the words hidden in the images of this Android game

Angry Birds Friends 11.19.1 English

Challenge the aim and destruction capacity of your friends

Poly Craft 1.0.51 English
Poly Craft 1.0.51

Animal tile matching puzzle game

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles 7.7.1 English

Enjoy playing puzzle games on your Android

Merge Fables 3.38.0 English
Merge Fables 3.38.0

Merging game filled with fairy tale magic

Chrome Valley Customs English
Chrome Valley Customs

Repair, restore, and customize classic cars

Zootopia Crime Files English

Become a law enforcement agent in Zootopia

Cut the Rope 3.62.0 English
Cut the Rope 3.62.0

One of the most awarded games of the last few years

Build a Bridge 4.1.1 English

Bridge building game for Android

Lost Journey 1.3.12 English
Lost Journey 1.3.12

Puzzle game in which you'll defy the laws of physics

Toy Story: Smash It! 1.0.2 English

Catch the evil Zurg

The Croods 1.3.1 English
The Croods 1.3.1

Live adventures with a family during the Stone Age

Find the Difference Rooms 2.1.1 English

Feel like a detective finding the differences between rooms

Cooking Mama 1.100.1 English
Cooking Mama 1.100.1

An entertaining cooking game that takes place in the kitchen

Diamond Digger Saga 2.115.1 English

Dig to unearth diamonds and other treasure

Lexilogic 1.5.0 English
Lexilogic 1.5.0

Get the words on the grid right

Hexa Sort 1.8.11 English
Hexa Sort 1.8.11

Sort and match colored hexagonal tiles

Forza Customs 2.0.8104 English
Forza Customs 2.0.8104

Solve puzzles to restore classic cars to their former glory

ASolver 24.03.050 English
ASolver 24.03.050

The app that solves every puzzle and brain teaser

Them Bombs 2.4.5 English
Them Bombs 2.4.5

Deactivate the bomb in teams!

Shadowmatic 1.5.1 English

Gorgeous puzzle game with shadows

Troll Face Quest Classic 22.5.1 English

The funniest puzzles on your Android device

Threes! 1.3.6144 English
Threes! 1.3.6144

Very addictive maths puzzle

Papa Pear Saga 1.122.1 English

Colorful and fun puzzle game from King

Nimble Quest 1.0.9 English

The classic snake game gets a makeover

Mr Long Hand 1.2.3 English

Use the power of your elastic arms to solve puzzles

Travel Town 2.12.510 English
Travel Town 2.12.510

Merge objects and restores a peaceful village

Brain Nurse Story 1.0.36 English

Brainteasers and puzzles featuring nurses

Blob Merge 3D 1.8 English

Fuse the drops according to their numbering in this puzzle game.

Water Sort Puzzle 17.1.0 English

Puzzle game for sorting liquids by color

Save The Girl 1.4.5 English

Solve the puzzles and try to save the girl from the kidnapper

Layton's Mystery Journey 1.0.2 English

Professor Layton's daughter brings us more puzzles and enigmas

Escape Titanic 1.7.5 English

Will you be able to escape the Titanic by solving puzzles?

Fantastic Beasts: Cases 2.3.7915 English

Investigate mysterious cases and protect Magical Creatures

Escaping the Prison 1.2.2 English

Help Henry escape from jail

Two Dots 8.38.1 English
Two Dots 8.38.1

Solve puzzles by connecting dots

Bubble Shoot 5.0 English

Make all the balls on the screen disappear

Crazy Hero 1.4.1 English
Crazy Hero 1.4.1

Overcome obstacles and reach the reward

Traffic Escape 3.0.3 English

Solve the puzzle to clear the traffic on the highway

Seaside Escape 1.38.0 English

Combine elements and uncover the secrets of Kryphos

Brickit 4.12.2 English
Brickit 4.12.2

Build new creations from old blocks

Water Color Sort 1.1.0 English

Sort liquids in this puzzle game

Numpuz 5.4001 English
Numpuz 5.4001

A compilation of fun puzzles

NCIS: Hidden Crimes 2.0.5 English

The official NCIS game

Die in 100 Ways 1.1.0 English

A game in which you'll defy death

Brain Dots 2.18.5 English
Brain Dots 2.18.5

Train your brain by drawing

Motorway Release Master 6.3.0 English

Puzzles, cars and a lot of traffic to decongest

Screw Pin Puzzle English

Move the screws to complete the puzzles

Crossmath 2.6.0 English
Crossmath 2.6.0

Solve math crossword puzzles

Merge Miners 2.1.0 English

Build a mining empire

Pawnbarian 1.2.8-220718502 English
Pawnbarian 1.2.8-220718502

An original chess-inspired roguelike

Triple Tile 2.33.00 English
Triple Tile 2.33.00

The modern (and simplified) version of mahjong

Jigsawscapes 1.0.31 English
Jigsawscapes 1.0.31

Classic puzzles in digital version

Rolling Cube 1.4 English

Complete the path with the cube

Cube Master 3D 1.8.9 English

Match triplets of cubes to complete the puzzles

Drip Sort Puzzle 1.3.0 English

Sharpen your mind with colorful puzzles

100 Doors 3.2.5 English
100 Doors 3.2.5

Help a young journalist escape from a prison

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 7.42.15 English

Help Stella the Witch to release the Fairy Queen

Sara's Secret 1.3.5 English

Help Sara put her life back together

Woodber 2.3.2 English
Woodber 2.3.2

Link numbers to delete them

Bubble Pop King 1.1.7 English

Throw colorful bubbles and pop them

Divineko 1.3.1 English
Divineko 1.3.1

Draw shapes and take down the black cat's enemies!

Fruit Merge Master 1.2.2 English

Merge fruits in search of watermelon

Help Me: Tricky Story 1.22 English

Solve lots of light-hearted puzzles

Melon Maker 1.9.5 English

A fun fruit merging game

Happy Ending 1.5 English

Put the characters in the right place to complete the scene

Brain Fly 1.0.4 English
Brain Fly 1.0.4

Help an air hostess solve a range of problems

Brainurse 1.0.2 English
Brainurse 1.0.2

Interact with the image to find the solution to the riddle

DOP 5: Delete One Part 1.1.6 English

Delete one part of the drawing to solve the puzzle

Automatoys 1.0.15 English
Automatoys 1.0.15

Interact with the mechanism to bring the ball to the finish line

Imposter in Doors 1.60 English

Go through 100 doors to escape from monsters

CogniFit 4.4.20 English
CogniFit 4.4.20

Scientifically validated mental training exercises

Cube Solver 3.2.0 English

Solutions for Rubik's Cube and other puzzles

Save the Doge English
Save the Doge

Stop the bees from stinging the dog

Brain Raise 1.1.7 English

Solve a variety of riddles

Draw 2 Save English
Draw 2 Save

Use your drawings to solve the puzzles

Tile Pair 3D 2.3.1 English

Match pairs in this relaxing board game

CubeX English

Help to solve Rubik's cube and other puzzles

Destination 1.183 English

Find the way for the ball to reach its goal

Girl Genius! 1.3.0 English

Help the girl solve mysteries and puzzles

Liquid Sort Puzzle 1.2.6 English

Puzzles with colored bottles and liquids

Woodoku 3.27.02 English
Woodoku 3.27.02

Puzzles with wooden blocks

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs English

Play Augmented Reality Angry Birds to play in the 'real' world

Colour Adventure 1.11.18 English

Draw a road and get to the finish line

Pang World Tour 1.4 English

Relive your classic Pang games with new characters

Brain Test 2.737.0 English
Brain Test 2.737.0

Various games for brain training

Block Puzzle - Wood Legend 35.0 English

A 'wooden' Tetris

PAC-MAN POP! 2.1.6608 English
PAC-MAN POP! 2.1.6608

Help the classic Pac-Man to burst the bubbles

Unblock Me 2.3.8 English
Unblock Me 2.3.8

Try to remove the red block from the board

Hacked 2.5 English
Hacked 2.5

The first game for developers

Super Monkey Ball Bounce 1.2.12 English

Remake of Monkey Ball for Android

Satisgame 4.1.26a English
Satisgame 4.1.26a

Relax with simple mini-games

Love is in small things 1.0.73 English

Discover a love story through soothing puzzles

Draw to Crash: Banana Cat 1.12 English

Draw a figure to eliminate the banana cats

Gemstone Tetra 1.0.7 English

Have endless fun filling in rows of blocks

Wonder Blast 9280 English

Help the Wilson family build a theme park

FeedVid 1.3.10 English
FeedVid 1.3.10

An unusual horror puzzle game based on a video app

Terrible Day 1.1.8 English

Make the right decision to save the day

Merge Farmtown 1.2.9 English

Build a village with the power of merging

Detective Mio 1.1.17 English

Solve puzzles to find all hidden objects

Naughty Puzzle 2.6 English

Brain teasers with plenty of crude humor

DOP 4: Draw One Part 1.1.10 English

Draw the solution to the enigma

Sponge Art 2.2.0 English
Sponge Art 2.2.0

A puzzle game where you make art with sponges

Get It Right! 1.0.14 English

Guess the hidden code to open the lock

Brain Puzzle: Tricky Test 0.3.9 English

Brain teasers for thinking and having fun

Define 1.3.2 English
Define 1.3.2

Spot the differences in beautiful illustrations

Prison Escape: Stickman Adventure 1.28 English

Solve the puzzles to escape from prison

Draw Puzzle: Draw one part 1.0.79 English

Solve puzzles by drawing the missing part

Puzzle App Frozen 1.6 English

Frozen Puzzle for Smartphones

Plumber 3 2.3 English

Build pipelines to solve subway puzzles

Easy Game 2.23.1 English
Easy Game 2.23.1

Sharpen your mind with riddles and mental tests

Bricks Breaker Quest 1.1.29 English

Destroy the blocks in this psychedelic game

Train Conductor World 19.1 English

Puzzles game with trains and tracks