The best Puzzle games for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic with this list of the best puzzle games for Android

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3 English

Help the angriest birds to recover their eggs

TETRIS 5.6.1 English
TETRIS 5.6.1

One of the all-time most famous puzzle games

Brain Out 2.2.5 English
Brain Out 2.2.5

Puzzle game for kids but that doesn't mean it's easy

DOP 2: Delete One Part 1.2.4 English

Solve puzzles using your eraser

4 Pics 1 Word 61.40.1 English
4 Pics 1 Word 61.40.1

The Android game about guessing the word hidden behind 4 images

Paper Fold 200046 English
Paper Fold 200046

Solve the puzzles by folding the papers to compose drawings

Braindom 2.0.2 English
Braindom 2.0.2

Puzzle and brain-teaser game that tests logic and wits

Brain Up 1.0.57 English
Brain Up 1.0.57

Put your brain to the test with these puzzles of logic and ingenuity

World Trip 1.1.2 English
World Trip 1.1.2

Travel around the world with your doggies

Big City Adventure San Francisco 1.1.30 English

Explore San Francisco completing puzzles

ASolver 0.7.1 English
ASolver 0.7.1

The app that solves every puzzle and brain teaser

Unsolved Case 1.2.1 English

Team up with a friend to close a mysterious unsolved case

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.9.25 English

Rovio's birds dress up as Star Wars characters

Tiny Thief 1.2.1 English
Tiny Thief 1.2.1

Steal from the rich and seek justice

Talking Tom Pool English
Talking Tom Pool

A game with aquatic puzzles featuring Talking Tom's characters

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.2 English

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Toy Story: Smash It! 1.0.2 English

Catch the evil Zurg

Machinarium 2.6.9 English

Control Josef in a strange robot city

IQ Boost 0.1.580 English
IQ Boost 0.1.580

Logic games to train your brain

Brain Dots 2.18.2 English
Brain Dots 2.18.2

Train your brain by drawing

Pop Rich Tree 3.0.4 English

Obtain robux by completing match-2 puzzles

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble 2.2.6 English

Game based on the Yo-kai Watch role-playing game series

Drip Sort Puzzle 1.3.0 English

Sharpen your mind with colorful puzzles

Imposter in Doors 1.3.1 English

Go through 100 doors to escape from monsters

Triple Tile 2.14.00 English
Triple Tile 2.14.00

The modern (and simplified) version of mahjong

Waldo & Friends 3.5.5 English

Looking for Waldo has landed on Android

The Croods 1.3.1 English
The Croods 1.3.1

Live adventures with a family during the Stone Age

Brain It On! 1.6.204 English
Brain It On! 1.6.204

Physics-based puzzle game

Dots 2.4.7 English
Dots 2.4.7

Connect the dots of the same colour

Angry Birds Space 2.2.14 English

New adventures in outer space for the angry birds

Block Blast 2.3.8 English

A version of the classic block puzzle game

Old Man's Journey 1.10.1 English

A beautiful puzzle game that will make you think a lot

Panda Pop 10.1.500 English
Panda Pop 10.1.500

Bubble shooter featuring cute panda bears

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs English

Play Augmented Reality Angry Birds to play in the 'real' world

Define 1.3.2 English
Define 1.3.2

Spot the differences in beautiful illustrations

Water Sort Puzzle 7.0.2 English

Puzzle game for sorting liquids by color

Golden Block Escape 1.1.1 English

Find the exit for the block

Angry Birds Rio 2.6.13 English

The angriest birds in mobile gaming

Zootopia Crime Files English

Become a law enforcement agent in Zootopia

Ball Sort Puzzle 8.0.0 English

A very addictive puzzle game with balls

Numpuz 4.9502 English
Numpuz 4.9502

A compilation of fun puzzles

World's Hardest Game 2.1 English

Complicated puzzle game that will put your logical thinking to the test

NCIS: Hidden Crimes 2.0.5 English

The official NCIS game

Block Puzzle Jewel 58.0 English

Destroy blocks of dazzling gems

Save the Doge English
Save the Doge

Stop the bees from stinging the dog

CSI: Hidden Crimes 2.60.3 English

Puzzle game inspired by CSI Las Vegas

Die in 100 Ways 1.1.0 English

A game in which you'll defy death

Tile Pair 3D 2.3.1 English

Match pairs in this relaxing board game

Cube Master 3D 1.5.13 English

Match triplets of cubes to complete the puzzles

Angry Birds Friends 11.0.0 English

Challenge the aim and destruction capacity of your friends

Where's My Perry? 1.7.1 English

Help Perry save the world

Lazy Jump 1.6.0 English
Lazy Jump 1.6.0

Use the laws of physics to control a rag doll

Bird Sort 1.1.2 English
Bird Sort 1.1.2

Sort birds by type and color

Water Color Sort 1.1.0 English

Sort liquids in this puzzle game

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 7.18.66 English

Help Stella the Witch to release the Fairy Queen

Lost Journey 1.3.12 English
Lost Journey 1.3.12

Puzzle game in which you'll defy the laws of physics

Angry Birds 2 2.64.1 English

New challenges in the second part of Angry Birds

Bad Piggies HD 2.4.3211 English
Bad Piggies HD 2.4.3211

Build vehicles for the green pigs and pass all the levels

Balls'n Ropes 7.6 English

Strategically place strings to bounce the beads

CubeX English

Help to solve Rubik's cube and other puzzles

LGBT Flags Merge 0.0.17200_93b33a0 English
LGBT Flags Merge 0.0.17200_93b33a0

Merge flags and learn about the wonderful world of sexual orientation

Pull the Pin 0.109.1 English
Pull the Pin 0.109.1

Try to get all the balls into the receptacle

FeedVid 1.3.10 English
FeedVid 1.3.10

An unusual horror puzzle game based on a video app

Word Shatter 3.101 English

Beautifully designed puzzle and mini-game collections

Blob Merge 3D 1.8 English

Fuse the drops according to their numbering in this puzzle game.

Find the Difference 1000+ Levels 2.04 English

Find the differences between two beautiful images

Woodoku 2.07.00 English
Woodoku 2.07.00

Puzzles with wooden blocks

Build a Bridge 4.1.1 English

Bridge building game for Android

Jess' Stories 1.0.19 English

Merge objects, redecorate, and help Jess to be happy

Merge Cooking 1.0.52 English

Merge ingredients to prepare delicious dishes

DOP 4: Draw One Part 1.0.4 English

Draw the solution to the enigma

Liquid Sort Puzzle 1.2.6 English

Puzzles with colored bottles and liquids

Plumber 3 2.3 English

Build pipelines to solve subway puzzles

Bottle Shooting Game 2.6.9 English

Knock down all the bottles with just one shot

DOP 6: Delete or Paint 2.0.2 English

Solve amusing riddles

Death Incoming 1.9.3 English

Find the way to kill all the characters

Save The Girl 1.4.5 English

Solve the puzzles and try to save the girl from the kidnapper

Papa Pear Saga 1.122.1 English

Colorful and fun puzzle game from King

The Impossible Letter Game 1.0.0 English

Discover the mismatched letter

Draw 2 Save English
Draw 2 Save

Use your drawings to solve the puzzles

Brain Love Story 1.0.23 English

Original and challenging brain teasers

Poly Craft 1.0.51 English
Poly Craft 1.0.51

Animal tile matching puzzle game

Ball Slider 3D 2.1.5 English

Clear the way for the ball

Mouse 1.0.39 English
Mouse 1.0.39

Puzzle game where we help a mouse escape

June's Journey 2.31.2 English

Unravel the family mystery

Bubble Shoot 5.0 English

Make all the balls on the screen disappear

Merge Miners 1.5.2 English

Build a mining empire

Flexy Ring 1.0.27 English
Flexy Ring 1.0.27

Use logic to unravel a rubber band mess

Makeover Blast 1.0.8 English

Solve puzzles and choose the best style for Frana

Pawnbarian 1.2.8-220718502 English
Pawnbarian 1.2.8-220718502

An original chess-inspired roguelike

Bird Color Sort 1.0.4 English

Sort the birds by color

Art Puzzle 3.4.1 English
Art Puzzle 3.4.1

The most beautiful, dreamlike and relaxing puzzles

Colour Adventure 1.11.7 English

Draw a road and get to the finish line

12 Locks: Plasticine Room 1.11 English

Escape room designed in plasticine

Conduct THIS! 2.2 English

Drive trains to play this puzzle game

Unblock Me 2.0.13 English
Unblock Me 2.0.13

Try to remove the red block from the board

Two Dots 5.24.4 English
Two Dots 5.24.4

Solve puzzles by connecting dots

Freaky Stan 1.14.0 English
Freaky Stan 1.14.0

Follow Stan's adventures as you solve puzzles

Move Animals 2.8 English

Move the animals to complete the mission

Valor Legends: Dog Rescue 19.0.129589 English

Protect the dog from bee attacks as you form a team of epic heroes

Comics Bob 1.2.3 English
Comics Bob 1.2.3

Solve puzzles to uncover prehistoric history

Can You Spot It 0.2.451 English

Can you spot the 5 differences?

Woody 99 1.3.3 English
Woody 99 1.3.3

Block puzzle game with wooden pieces

Catapult Quest 1.2.3 English

Shoot the monkey in a catapult to destroy constructions

X2 Blocks 226 English

Numerical puzzles with multiples of two

Rocket Buddy 1.4.2 English

Puzzle game inspired by Angry Birds

Escaping the Prison 1.2.2 English

Help Henry escape from jail

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 3.105.1 English

Angry Birds' bubble bursting game

Threes! 1.3.96 English
Threes! 1.3.96

Very addictive maths puzzle

TETRIS Blitz 6.0.2 English

Two minutes to remove rows from your screen

Travel Town 2.12.191 English
Travel Town 2.12.191

Merge objects and restores a peaceful village

Infinity Zoom Art 0.29 English

Zoom in to find objects in hidden pictures

Cube Solver 2.8.0 English

Solutions for Rubik's Cube and other puzzles

Rolling Cube 1.1 English

Complete the path with the cube

Fill The Fridge 4.0.4 English

Play Tetris in this virtual refrigerator

Naughty Puzzle 2.6 English

Brain teasers with plenty of crude humor

Brain Nurse Story 1.0.36 English

Brainteasers and puzzles featuring nurses

Emoji Maze 0.95 English

Have fun matching emojis

Thief Puzzle 1.4.0 English

Solve puzzles in order to steal stuff

Braindom 2: Who is Lying? 1.4.8 English

Discover who it is with the help of clues

Brain Find 3.12.6 English
Brain Find 3.12.6

Puzzles to think about

Match 3D 1245.29.0 English
Match 3D 1245.29.0

Search through tons of objects and finds matches

Drop the Number 1.6.9 English

Puzzle game and fusion halfway between 2048 and Tetris

BlockuDoku 2.12.0 English
BlockuDoku 2.12.0

An original blend of Tetris and Sudoku

Brain Test 2.737.0 English
Brain Test 2.737.0

Various games for brain training

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter 1.2.2 English

Play Uncharted on your iPhone

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake 1.2.5 English

A game with loads of monsters and puzzles

Brain Wars 1.0.70 English
Brain Wars 1.0.70

Train your brain with games of wit

Super Monkey Ball Bounce 1.2.12 English

Remake of Monkey Ball for Android

Diamond Digger Saga 2.115.1 English

Dig to unearth diamonds and other treasure

Slice It! 1.8.6 English
Slice It! 1.8.6

Slice and cut the objects to solve the puzzle

Captain Cat 1.1.0 English

Simple and entertaining fishing game

Memory 2.2020 English
Memory 2.2020

A memory game in which we have to match identical cards

Match the Number 3.0.0 English

Place number cubes strategically to add them up

Impossible Date 1.0.82 English

Solve the riddle to help couples

Jigsawscapes 1.0.31 English
Jigsawscapes 1.0.31

Classic puzzles in digital version

Art Story 1.1.0 English
Art Story 1.1.0

Complete puzzles and enjoy fascinating stories

Wood Block Sudoku Game 1.7.6 English

Fit the pieces on the panel and try not to run out of moves.

Bubble Merge 2048 1.1.0 English

Merges numerical blocks

The Superhero League 1.28 English

Use different superpowers to take down enemies

BlockPuz 4.161 English
BlockPuz 4.161

Beautiful jigsaw puzzles with wooden blocks

Cutie Garden 1.6.3 English

Merge cute little animals in order to level up

5 Differences Online 1.30.476 English

Quiz game to find the 5 differences

Chain Cube 1.48.03 English
Chain Cube 1.48.03

3D version of 2048 game

Emoji Puzzle! 2.994 English

A fun emoji matching game

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games 1.4.2 English

Use your noodle with the riddles of this game

Merge Fairies 1.1.23 English

Join this lovely adventure to combine fairies, mermaids and nymphs

Escape Titanic 1.7.5 English

Will you be able to escape the Titanic by solving puzzles?

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles 6.7.4 English

Enjoy playing puzzle games on your Android

Puzzle Game 64.0 English

Puzzle game that pays tribute to Tetris