The best Puzzle games for Android

Solve all sorts of brain teasers and puzzles with your Android device: put all your intelligence and wit to the test to solve these problems of logic with this list of the best puzzle games for Android

Tigerball English

Get the ball into the bowl defying the laws of physics

Water Color Sort 1.0.6 English

Sort liquids in this puzzle game

Talking Tom Pool English
Talking Tom Pool

A game with aquatic puzzles featuring Talking Tom's characters

Machinarium 2.6.9 English

Control Josef in a strange robot city

Angry Birds Classic 8.0.3 English

Help the angriest birds to recover their eggs

ASolver 0.7.1 English
ASolver 0.7.1

The app that solves every puzzle and brain teaser

Big City Adventure San Francisco 1.1.30 English

Explore San Francisco completing puzzles

Tiny Thief 1.2.1 English
Tiny Thief 1.2.1

Steal from the rich and seek justice

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.9.25 English

Rovio's birds dress up as Star Wars characters

Angry Birds Seasons 6.6.2 English

Discover the most symbolic festivities searching for eggs

Drip Sort Puzzle 1.3.0 English

Sharpen your mind with colorful puzzles

Cube Master 3D 1.5.6 English

Match triplets of cubes to complete the puzzles

Brain Nurse Story 1.0.35 English

Brainteasers and puzzles featuring nurses

Water Sort Puzzle 5.0.0 English

Puzzle game for sorting liquids by color

Angry Birds Rio 2.6.13 English

The angriest birds in mobile gaming

Ball Sort Puzzle 8.0.0 English

A very addictive puzzle game with balls

Blob Merge 3D 1.7 English

Fuse the drops according to their numbering in this puzzle game.

Golden Block Escape 1.1.1 English

Find the exit for the block

Toy Story: Smash It! 1.0.2 English

Catch the evil Zurg

BlockuDoku 2.5.0 English
BlockuDoku 2.5.0

An original blend of Tetris and Sudoku

Woodoku 1.7.6 English
Woodoku 1.7.6

Puzzles with wooden blocks

TETRIS 4.5.7 English
TETRIS 4.5.7

One of the all-time most famous puzzle games

Numpuz 4.9502 English
Numpuz 4.9502

A compilation of fun puzzles

Super Pang Balls 2.0 English

The classic Pang comes to Android

Save The Girl 1.3.3 English

Solve the puzzles and try to save the girl from the kidnapper

2048 Cube Winner 2.4.1 English

A 3D version of the popular and addictive 2048

Brain Up 1.0.55 English
Brain Up 1.0.55

Put your brain to the test with these puzzles of logic and ingenuity

Liquid Sort Puzzle 1.2.6 English

Puzzles with colored bottles and liquids

SortPuz 1.801 English
SortPuz 1.801

Puzzles featuring test tubes and colored liquids

The Superhero League 1.15 English

Use different superpowers to take down enemies

Paper Fold 1.106 English
Paper Fold 1.106

Solve the puzzles by folding the papers to compose drawings

Angry Birds Journey 1.11.0 English

Angry birds back to their origins

Pull the Pin 0.103.1 English
Pull the Pin 0.103.1

Try to get all the balls into the receptacle

Brain Out 2.1.6 English
Brain Out 2.1.6

Puzzle game for kids but that doesn't mean it's easy

Where's My Perry? 1.7.1 English

Help Perry save the world

Bubble Shoot 5.0 English

Make all the balls on the screen disappear

Brain Puzzle: Tricky Test 0.1.9 English

Brain teasers for thinking and having fun

Cat Paradise 2.3.0 English

Merge cats and discover new species

Draw n Road 0.2.2 English

Draw, drive... and park

Woody Puzzle 1.3.6 English

A puzzle that will remind you of Tetris