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Angry Birds Rio arrives us a joint adventure on behalf of Rovio and Fox as a tie in for a movie. It's now one of the most downloaded games of the saga

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If we had to mention a mobile game saga that became tremendously popular ever since it was released, it would probably be Angry Birds. Starting with a first title with a very simple idea (clearing all the pigs off the screen), its legacy gradually started growing until a sequel was launched as well as many different spin-offs of the original game.

Angry Birds is to mobile phones what Super Mario is to video consoles.

But what's so special about Angry Birds Rio? The gameplay is exactly the same as the original title but there are a few changes that make it slightly different from Rovio's opera prima. To begin with, the evil pigs aren't anti-heroes on this occasion as the plot is different. However, the gameplay is still as addictive as always.

Rescue the birds and escape from Rio de Janeiro

The original Angry Birds are no longer in their homeland: they have been birdnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro. They'll have to escape if they want to get back home and on their way, they'll also have to set free Blu and Jewel (two of the characters from the Rio and Rio 2 movies) as well as their macaw mates. All the latter, throughout a long list of levels which will be complicated to complete, with increasing difficulty, and designed to get us on our nerves.

The following are the game's main features:

  • 320 different levels to be played.
  • Epic battles against final bosses.
  • Power-ups for your birds.
  • In-app objects to be able to unlock new levels.
  • Possibility to purchase Mighty Eagle.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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