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Ball Sort Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android devices where you have to get all the balls of the same color into a single tube to get to next the level

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Ball Sort Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game of progressive difficulty in which our goal is to get all the balls of the same color into one tube. It will keep us hooked for hours, with new and challenging tasks as we progress through the levels.

Balls that can only be with those of the same color

In this game, the goal is to move all the colored balls to tubes where they are with balls of the same color. To do this, we will simply have to touch them to get them out of the tube and then touch where we want them going. We will have empty tubes that will help us deposit them momentarily while we make the final change. We can also take them to other tubes where there are more balls. However, it is only possible as long as there is free space and we place them on top of other balls of the same color.

Dozens and dozens of levels await us, becoming more complicated as the game progresses, with the option of unlocking new scenarios and skins for the balls.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
IEC Global Pty Ltd.
Over a year ago
This year
45.6 MB

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