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Scorched 3D is a turn-based strategy game in which you will have to eliminate groups of enemies on board of your tank. Download Scorched 3D today for free

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Scorched 3D is a title based on the renowned game of the 80's known as Scorched Earth, in which we had to calculate the angle and power of our shots to eliminate the enemy units.

  In this occasion the game has been totally redesigned, offering us a very appealing 3D graphical environment, as well as new features and a playability that is a lot more complex than the original. We will have various vehicles available from which to choose from and more than a dozen different scenarios.

  Our mission will be to move around various islands on board a tank and try to eliminate each and every one of the enemies that we encounter, that may be controlled by the CPU or by other players (via Internet).

  Since it is a turn-based strategy game, it will be necessary for us to pay a lot of attention to the decisions that we take, because if we make a mistake, we will place our tank at risk from a rival tank.

  If you want to enjoy a simple game, that is addictive and has good graphics, download and install Scorched 3D on your computer.
Gavin Camp
Over a year ago
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