Download ScummVM for free, an emulator for old graphic adventures. This virtual machine will allow you to play these titles once again on modern-day PCs


Enjoy the graphic adventures of the 90's with this emulator

October 11, 2021
8 / 10

Graphic adventures were one of the most important video game genres in the decade of the 90's, as proven by the vast amount of titles that were launched, many of which are real classics of the genre and that are sought by many users. ScummVM is a game emulator for this type of game, providing the technology necessary to be launched on modern computers.

Play graphic adventures on systems for which they were never designed.

The evolution of computer components, like processors, graphic cards and sound cards, have caused many games to be incompatible with current systems, but thanks to ScummVM you will be able to enjoy them once again.


  • Play old graphic adventures with this emulator.
  • View their 8-bit graphics and listen to their MIDI melodies without any problems. Launch games without any difficulty.
  • Simple interface to access all the games.
  • Enjoy a large amount of games for ScummVM like Gobliiins, Broken Sword, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, etc.
  • Wide range of video, audio, route configuration options. Includes automatic save functions.

The interface is rather simple. Load the games and you will see a list with all of them. You will only have to select the title that you want to play and press the corresponding button to launch it.

Extensive offer

A search over the web will allow you to find many of these graphic adventures, there is a vast amount available. Who doesn't remember Larry? You can download Larry for ScummVM for example and live the adventures of this famous character once again: you will surely have a good time.

Don't waste any time and download ScummVM for free right now, a virtual machine developed exclusively to enjoy the old graphic adventures.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The download doesn't include any games.
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