Secret Maryo Chronicles


Secrete Maryo Chronicles is an interesting version of the classic Mario video games. Download Secret Maryo Chronicles and manage to pass all the worlds

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Maryo isn't a plumber, neither does he have to save a Princess named after a fruit, and he isn't precisely Italian. Maryo is definitely not Mario. But you'll also enjoy his adventures in Secret Maryo Chronicles.

A Mario clone for PC

This game bases its aesthetics and how it works on the renowned title by Nintendo, managing to create a really addictive game, with outstanding quality and functioning and that is especially entertaining.

You can save your game whenever you want so that you'll be able to continue your adventures after taking a break from the game. Furthermore, it offers you the possibility to open the level editor and to change any aspect of each level so as to be able to increase the difficulty, for example.

During his adventures, Maryo will be able to take on various states: small, normal, fire, star and ghost, each one with its own properties and virtues.

The world that you'll have to travel around with Maryo is based directly on the world that Mario has to travel around in the Nintendo games to rescue Princess Peach, so the blue skies, green areas and a large number of picturesque enemies won't be missing from the game.

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