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Train to be the best sniper around in Shooting Range Sniper, a life-like first-person shooter game with pretty realistic three-dimensional graphics

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The Shooting and Fun FPS Game For All studio is back with another first-person shooter. This time, with the download of the APK file we will become a budding sniper while training on the shooting range.

The pulse is the key

Shooting Range Sniper is a first-person shooter or FPS game in which we get into the shoes of a sniper. The thing is that we won't be shooting on the ground, but on the shooting range.

Get ready to start training your sniper skills on the shooting range!

The mechanics are very simple. To play we just have to start a game. As soon as we touch the screen with our finger, the sight of the weapon we have equipped will be activated. Then we will have to aim, which will not be easy, because we will have to match our pulse to the character's one. As soon as we release our finger, we will fire the weapon and, if our aim is good, we will see an animation of the bullet on its way to the target.

We will have a limited number of bullets to get through each level. Depending on our efficiency and aim, we will get more or less points and money. We can invest this money in new weapons with greater power and magazine capacity.

Both the 3D graphics and the sound effects are quite realistic, offering us an immersive and entertaining experience. If we want to hit four shots without complicating our lives, this is the game we are looking for.

Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
This year
This year
60.4 MB

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