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Silverlight for Mac is Microsoft's software to display online multimedia contents on the web developed with this alternative technology to Adobe Flash

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If Adobe Flash comes along as a complement for web applications with multimedia functions such as video animations and interactive apps, Microsoft offers us Silverlight. During years, this complement has helped different web browsers to play those contents based on this technology.

Multimedia complement developed by Microsoft

5.0 is one of the latest versions developed for Mac by the guys at Redmond and its purpose is to give support to browsers of the likes of Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome when it comes to offering multimedia contents. Not for nothing, different online video streaming services of the likes of Netflix or Yomvi use this technology in their apps.

Developed within .NET Framework and compatible with different devices and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux...), it intends to take web interactivity to the next level.

Companies and services of the likes of Netflix, IMDb or SAP make use of this technology.

Its performance and versatility are key aspects that have led it to be adopted on different channels:

  • Multimedia: it offers high-quality interactive video experiences on different platforms.
  • Business: it allows the creation of applications focused on professional environments thanks to the interaction freedom offered to the user and its multiplatform condition throughout different operating systems and browsers.
  • Mobile: it has been used for the design of interactive web applications, especially on Windows Phone.

Is Silverlight better than Flash?

The truth is that both are very useful if you want to access certain online contents, but if several companies have stopped supporting Adobe's plugin, the same goes for Silverlight since it's Microsoft itself that no longer offers support for its browser Microsoft Edge. At present, HTML5 and its great features are gaining on these multimedia plugins that are bound to disappear in the near future.

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