SimpleOCR serves to pass your documents on paper to a digital format using a scanner. Download SimpleOCR, you will be able to digitize your documents

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One of the best utilities that a scanner has, is its capacity together with the appropriate software to be used to pass written or printed text to digital text format. SimpleOCR is an application with exactly that task, and it accomplishes it perfectly.

  The software opens and shows a really complete tutorial, where it takes control of the mouse and with an example page it recreates all the necessary steps to pass a printed text document to digital format. Once the tutorial has finished (that can be stopped, logically), we can start to use the software.

  Like many other similar applications, SimpleOCR scans any document and immediately analyzes it to find in it all the texts and start transforming them to digital format. Once analyzed, it will present the text in a screen divided into two, with the original document on one side and the resulting digital text on the other, so that we can correct the words that it may have misinterpreted.

  The program works efficiently and recognizes a wide range of words, so it can save us a lot of time if we need to pass lots of documents to a digital text format.
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