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SuperGeek Free Document OCR will allow you to extract the text within an image file and edit it. Download SuperGeek Free Document OCR to your PC for free


Convert images to text

March 25, 2020
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The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system allows you, among other things, to extract the text contained within an image file so that it can be edited later, and that is exactly what SuperGeek Free Document OCR allows you to do.

Analyze an image and extract the text

How SuperGeek Free Document OCR works is rather simple, because you will simply have to load the image, with the possibility to choose between many formats, and then after analyzing the image the program will generate the text it contains, in such a way that it will be possible to save it as a text file or even to edit or print it.

On the other hand, SuperGeek Free Document OCR also allows you to scan an image to be able to analyze the text that it includes afterwards and convert it into an editable text.

As with all OCR applications, SuperGeek Free Document OCR will be more or less successful when it comes to analyzing an image depending on its DPI (Dots per Inch), because the lower the amount the more difficult it will for the program to identify the text.

If there is something that is missing from SuperGeek Free Document OCR it's the possibility to read PDF files, something that is generally very common in this type of program.

Download SuperGeek Free Document OCR for free to be able to edit any text that you receive within an image file.

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