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Sniper Arena PvP Shooting Game is a massively multiplayer online game for Android smartphones and tablets in which we'll take on the role of an elite sniper

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If you're into shooting games, you've surely tried out loads because there are many different ones to choose from. What can we do about it if we like shooting around to relieve our stress? The problem for clumsy people like myself comes when we have to move, aim, and shoot all at the same time. How do gamers manage? Well, that's why a game of the likes of Sniper Arena PvP Shooting Game is an excellent option for the less skillful players because you can take on the role of a sniper. You won't have to move too much but you'll have to be the fastest if you want to escape with life.

Compete against over 500,000 snipers from all over the world, climb to the top of the ranking, and enjoy every single battle.

The gameplay is very simple. Whenever you appear on the battlefield, swipe around the screen to find enemy snipers. Aim, zoom in, and shoot trying to hit them on the head. There are four different combat locations and three game modes to start kicking ass:

  • Deathmatch.
  • Team deathmatch.
  • Domination.

Feel the adrenalin rush from your phone screen and all the excitement of realistic combats on the battlefield.

You'll fight against up to eight real-life players on the map. Create alliances your friends or face up to them to see who's the best, fastest, and most efficient sniper. Get hold of new equipment and improve your old one, including weapons and protections.

Outstanding detail levels

This game is developed with humble 3D graphics that look really cool due to its minor details. Although its graphics level can't be compared to that of a PS4, the effort carried out by its developers is praiseworthy. Just take a look at your sniper's arm: you'll be able to notice his hair, shadows with textures, and even spots. The rocks are a bit rough but they've done really well with the main character.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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Antony Peel
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