Spark AR Studio


With Spark AR Studio, you can join the community of Instagram and Facebook filter creators with augmented reality regardless of your programming level


Create augmented reality effects for Facebook and Instagram

May 16, 2022
8 / 10

Are you what we now call a social media 'hard user'? Do you regularly communicate by creating videos with Facebook and Instagram filters? If the answer is yes, Spark AR Studio may be the next level for you.

This is a program for Windows for you to create your own filters with augmented reality to use and share them later on your Instagram and Facebook profiles. In addition, it has been developed so that it can be adapted to any user no matter his or her level, although certain functions do require some design and modeling knowledge; it also offers ready-to-use templates for the novice user to experiment and create more than interesting filters.

Raise the level of your personal expression. Create interactive augmented reality experiences beyond masks and filters. Because a simple selfie impresses no one.

Key Features

  • Spark AR Studio includes hundreds of audio files, 3D objects, and other resources to create beautiful augmented reality filters.
  • It offers direct access to Facebook's free resource library and allows you to add your own sound files and objects.
  • The software allows you to develop with or without code and use visual programming.
  • You can create textures and materials to add to scenes.
  • Advanced face-tracking technology for more accurate interaction and realistic effects.
  • The service helps to publish, manage, and analyze the performance of the effect uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.
  • It includes step-by-step guides, tutorials and FAQ section to learn how to use each tool.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To use the software, you must log in with a Facebook account.
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