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Stack is an addictive game in which you have to pile up blocks to create a tower that has to remain upright. The winner is the player with the most points


Entertaining game about stacking up blocks

July 24, 2024
9 / 10

On many occasions, developers insist on complicating the functioning of their video games, to such an extent that you need to read all sorts of manuals and tutorials before you start playing. But sometimes, others understand that the more simple a game is, the more entertaining it can be. That's the case of the guys at Ketchapp, creators of Rider and plenty of other titles, that have learned the lesson and have decided to develop very simple apps with a great playability to keep you glued to your screen, as proven by their latest release: Stack.

Pile up the blocks as high as you can!

The game about piling up blocks that isn't Tetris

In this game, you've got a tower of blocks and other blocks of the same size that move around the screen. Your target is to drop them on the tower to pile them up one on top of each other. The hard part is making the block fit perfectly onto the pile because if you don't, the exceeding part of the block will fall off the edge so you'll have less area for your next round. The game ends when you run out of space to drop the next block.

Compete to top the world leaderboards.

Once you've achieved your highest score, you can share it on social networks. A very cool detail is that in each game, the blocks change their skins so you can eventually get to play with a wide range of eye-catching colors. The premium version allows you to play without bothersome adverts, but that's up to you to see if it's worthwhile or not.

Cheats and tricks

The best advice that we can give you is to not be too impatient to drop each block. Take your time to let it fall into the right place. Furthermore, it's very important to start each level with a solid base. It's obvious but if you start the game with a tiny square you won't get anywhere near the highest scores.

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