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In Stickman Archer Fight for Android smartphones and tablets, we'll have to aim and shoot arrows trying to hit our opponents before their shots hit us

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Stickman games have become a genre themselves within the field of video games for mobile devices. We've seen plenty of different types: from platformers to escape games but now it's time for some archery.

We're talking about Stickman Archer Fight, a game in which we'll take control of yet another stickman to fight against others just like us, shooting arrows at them and having to hit them before they do so to us if we want to win.

Aim and shoot: hit your enemies with your arrows

Here we'll come across the typical game in which two players have to shoot at each other without moving from their place. There are several kinds of obstacles in the way including mobile elements that will try to hinder our shots, so we'll have to aim very carefully and choose the right strength and direction for each shot. We can also make the most of different aids and power-ups that will appear now and again on the battlefield and that we'll have to hit if we want to be able to use them.

The game offers us two modes: a single-player mode in which we'll face up to the system's AI and a two-player mode, to play online against other users.

Practice in the single-player mode and then apply your acquired skills to the two-player mode.

How to play this stickman game on Android?

To play, you only have to prepare your shot which is done by swiping your finger. Once you've established the strength of the shot, you have to aim with your bow and let go. Our enemies will die with two impacts unless we hit them on the head in which case they'll die immediately.

With regard to hacks and cheats, the latter can be applied by means of the APK mods available on the Internet although we have to admit that they don't look very trustworthy.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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