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Following Archero's style, the Super Clone app takes us to a cybernetic city that has been invaded by robots, and only we will be able to destroy them

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In 2100, planet Earth is in chaos. The robots threaten to conquer everything, and only a young hero will be able to stand against them. However, our hero dies in the hands of one of the robots, who also kidnaps his girlfriend. Now, ten years later, a young hero's clone is ready to bring justice.

A hell of fire and gunfire

By downloading the APK file, the LeftRight studio developers give us an exciting roguelike game action with touches of bullet hell with similar elements to the legendary video game Archero. Except that here, we will fight the robots using our weapons in a futuristic world with cybernetic elements.

Be the strongest clone and beat the robots!

Just like the Archero's game, in Super Clone, we will master the action from a zenithal perspective that takes place in beautifully designed environments with 3D graphics. This will let us watch the games and feel the horror vacui of the shots in detail.

The game mechanics are quite simple since it only requires us to move the character around the screen using the virtual joystick. We will also have a button to slide, giving us a good chance to dodge the enemies' attacks. Otherwise, our character will automatically shoot every time one of the evil robots is in range.

And of course, as we progress, we will be able to improve both the skills and weapons of our protagonist. In this way, the difficulty increases gradually, without the whole experience becoming frustrating.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
This year
112.1 MB

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