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Survival Island: EVO 2 is a really fun adventure and survival game where you will have to fight against all kinds of dangers on a really wild island

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Survival games are very much in vogue lately. Survival Island: EVO 2 is part of them and in it we will embody the figure of a man who appears on an island without knowing very well how and has to fight to stay alive.

Action and adventure game in first person

It is a game that is developed in first person perspective and will allow us to travel freely throughout the territory of the island using a map to help us orient ourselves. We will collect all kinds of objects and combine them to make tools and weapons. With them we will build our refuge and we will defend ourselves from the great quantity of enemies that are going to come for us. But we must not forget the food and drink since, as it is obvious, they are of the utmost importance.

These are the main characteristics and functions that the game offers you:

  • Explore an island that for your misfortune is not as deserted as you would like.
  • Build your shelter and improve it as you find new materials and make better tools.
  • It combines objects and craftea with them to make weapons and all type of useful tools.
  • Discover the fauna of the island.
  • Defend yourself from all kinds of enemies.
  • It hunts and it gathers not to die of hunger.

It has a simple control system: to the left the joystick to move and to the right the action buttons, that will be activated in certain moments depending on the type of object that we have before us.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Over a year ago
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