The Legend of Ares

The Legend of Ares is a massive online role playing game in which you will have to fight to maintain peace or cause chaos. Download The Last Ares for free

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The Legend of Ares is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that will take us to a fantasy world in which we have to maintain the current state of peace or, on the other hand, cause chaos. During the game we'll be able to challenge other users, as well as surviving all kinds of challenges and traveling through different dungeons to be able to gain more experience.

  The playability is very similar to that of other games of this genre, because we will have to travel around various villages and cities looking for missions to fulfil, finding objects that are spread out over the map and, specially, improve the features of our hero and manage to reach the highest level.

  Once we have created our character, we'll have the chance to complete a tutorial in which we will be able to learn the movements and basic options of the game, something that can be very useful if you aren't very used to this kind of game.

  Both the animation of the characters as well as the scenarios that we'll move around have well developed graphics, even though they don't reach the same level as those of a commercial game.

  If you want to enjoy a free online role-playing game that doesn't require an extremely powerful machine to work, try installing The Legend of Ares.
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