The Matrix Reloaded


The Matrix Reloaded displays the keys to success of the first instalment of the saga. Discover what you are in for in the trailer of The Matrix Reloaded

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The Matrix definitely left its hallmark in the science fiction movie genre. With stunning special effects and a great plot, the Wachowskis masterfully directed this great success acclaimed by critics and audience alike. The Matrix Reloaded is its controversial sequel.

The machines threaten Zion

In The Matrix Reloaded, Zion is threatened by the machines and everybody has put their hopes on Neo with regard to their future. In fact, everyone expects him to be The One and to fulfil the Oracle's Prophecy in which he will end the war between machines and humans.

In line with the first instalment

This second part incorporates many elements present in the first movie of the saga, such as the cyberpunk settings and the influence of martial arts movies typical of Hong Kong. Actors as important as Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne or Carrie-Anne Moss, who starred in The Matrix, return to our screens, and new characters played by Monica Bellucci or Jada Pinkett Smith appear among others.

The Matrix is one of the most successful franchises in the history of science fiction.

Download the trailer of The Matrix Reloaded and preview the destiny of Zion in its battle against the machines.

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