The Next Big Thing

Download The Next Big Thing and discover this entertaining graphic adventure in which you have to help Liz and Dan solve several mysteries and injustices


Help this couple of journalists in their mad adventures

April 27, 2011
8 / 10

The Next Big Thing is a new and entertaining project by Pendulo Studios, the creators of the Runaway saga, in which you will have to help Dan Murray and Liz Allaire in their adventures. With The Next Big Thing, you will be immersed in an incredible story in which the two journalists have been mixed up and you will have to get out safely.

Delve into this funny and crazy story

It is a graphic adventure full of humor, with surprising situations, anecdotes, intrigues, puzzles to be solved and references to films and programs known by all. Its main characters: Liz Allaire and Dan Murray. Liz is a very good looking blond, with a lot of talent and ambition, while Dan is a rude sports journalist, that is known for being a show-off. Both of them will have to work together to be able to get out of the difficult situations that they will encounter.

The Next Big Thing has various help elements that will avoid that you get lost and that will help you out to manage to reach the next step in the story. For example, you will be able to see the important locations of each scene highlighted, like an element that will come in very handy or a path to follow. By means of the dialogs with the different characters, you will solve enigmas and continue the game.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a limited version of the game.
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