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In Tiny Cars you have to control a busy traffic junction and avoid vehicles crashing. Tap on the cars to stop them or let them continue their journey


Control the traffic junction and avoid accidents

January 26, 2022
8 / 10

This is a peculiar puzzle game of skill in which you'll have to control a traffic junction. The cars that cross it look like they're being driven by people that don't seem to have a clue about traffic signs or giving way, therefore, you're going to have to control the traffic to try to avoid the cars crashing.

Control the traffic on the junction and prevent cars from crashing

That's the idea behind Tiny Cars in which we'll control a traffic junction from a 2D top-down view. To prevent the cars and trucks from crashing, we'll tap on them to stop them and restart them when the danger is over. Remember that it's equally important to avoid crashes on the junction as well as bumping into the car in front of you... so keep your eyes wide open.

The difficulty is progressive and as we advance in the game and move onto higher levels, the dangers will grow because not only will we have to pay attention to cars but also to train crossings. Amongst the game's main charms, there's the possibility to make virtual money and unlock new cars.

Get hold of its APK right now and become the most skillful driver in traffic.

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