TutuApp for Android Tips & Tricks: the best help and advice

As an app store, Google Play is really good but it’s far from perfect. Here we can find almost any trendy game or application, being able to instantly download and install it on our Android smartphone or tablet. However, Google’s policies regarding what kind of apps can be published on its store on behalf of developers are rather strict, to such an extent that many really useful applications never manage to get past the first selection due to not meeting the guidelines set out by the Mountain View giant.

We’re talking about developments based on the source code of other applications that has been used without permission, modified and improved versions of other apps, hacked or pirated versions of our favorite games with which we can gain a tiny competitive advantage over our rivals or even free versions of games and applications that we’d usually have to pay for. And to be able to download any of the former, we have to resort to any of the many alternative stores available on the Internet.

One of them is this TutuApp, a Chinese platform that has become a reference when it comes to downloading the APKs of all sorts of apps and games that haven’t made it to the Play Store, such as the different overdosed versions of the most popular apps at present. An enhanced WhatsApp? An Instagram with more functions? A Spotify without adverts? A hacked Clash Royale? Here we can find all the latter and much more.

If you’ve been reading carefully, you’ve probably got a few questions about the security and legality of an application of this nature or you might even think that it could be dangerous due to containing malware. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve drawn up this guide with tips and tricks about the use of TutuApp so that you’ve got all the information at hand and you can decide by yourself about the appropriateness of using it or note.

But that’s not the only thing you’ll find in this mini-tutorial as our final goal is turn you into an expert in the use of this alternative store. For such purpose we’ll teach you step by step how to download and install this Android application, explaining the permissions required by the application during its installation just in case you had any doubts, and how to use it to find exactly what you are looking for, indicating how to access its categories, the editor’s pick or how to search manually. And that also goes for how to download paid games totally for free.

On these lines we’ll try to settle all the doubts that may arise about how to use the app, such as the need to root our device or not to be able to access all its functions or the main differences between Tutu Helper, the free version of this service, and TutuApp VIP, the paid premium version. And we’ll obviously try to answer all your doubts and questions about TutuApp for Android as soon as possible, so that you can find out about all its ins-and-outs and finally become familiar with one of the best alternatives to the Google Play Store.

How to download paid games for free with TutuApp

To be able to download paid games and applications for free with TutuApp, we have to follow these simple steps:


What is TutuApp and what's it for?

TutuApp is an Android application store that’s an alternative to Google Play. It can be used to download Android apps that aren’t available in the official marketplace although it also offers apps that are present and also an app store for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It offers all sorts of applications but specially mods or modified apps that offer us extra functions for free. We’re talking about apps that allow us to use paid functions or paid apps for free. That’s one of the reasons why we won’t find TutuApp in the official store for this mobile operating system. The other reason is quite obvious: it’s a direct competitor for Google.


What permissions does TutuApp request during the installation?

TutuApp is installed manually by downloading its APK to our device and proceeding to the installation from the operating system’s download folder. Once this process starts, Android itself will warn us about the permission that it has to grant to be able to install the app on our smartphone or tablet, and the latter can be sorted into Privacy permissions and Device Access permissions.


What is Tutu Helper? Is it the same as TutuApp?

TutuApp and Tutu Helper are exactly the same application. This Android app that also comes along with a version for iOS is basically an alternative to Google Play or any other official application store. It’s a marketplace from where we can download paid apps for free. It has become one of the most popular options because it allows us to get of free editions of apps of the likes of Spotify with access to all the paid options of this online music service or to other modded or hacked versions as is the case of Pokémon GO.


Does TutuApp work without root?

Unlike what many Android users believe, TutuApp works without needing to be the root user of our device (we don’t need any super user permissions on Android). To be able to use the app, we only have to follow these simple instructions:


Is TutuApp legal?

Without being any kind of Law experts, we can assure that TutuApp doesn’t seem to be very legal. The truth is that this alternative store hosts applications that are basically modifications of other commercial apps in order to offer their functions to users without having to pay a cent.


Is TutuApp safe or dangerous?

TutuApp is a safe application because to the date there are no news about any problems with viruses or malware. Its installation doesn’t involve the download of unwanted applications or any kind of advert invasion that hinders our browsing experience or affects our mobile device. However, it can become a dangerous app. There are several different reasons why we can consider it to not be trustworthy to install applications simply bearing in mind user privacy issues and the device access permissions requested during the installation process.


How to install TutuApp on Android

The installation of TutuApp on an Android device, whether a smartphone or tablet, requires us, in the first place, to authorize the download and installation of files from Unknown Sources in our Settings menu. That’s the first thing that we’ll have to do and then follow these steps:


How to use TutuApp on Android

Using TutuApp on Android is very similar to using Google Play. You simply have to take into account the following concepts:


November 14, 2018