TutuApp for Android Tips & Tricks: the best help and advice

TutuApp is an alternative store to the Play Store for Android. With it, you can get your favorite apps without a Google account. In addition, it specializes in modified versions of the official clients of YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and many other services. It also has a multitude of video games, many of them altered to reduce their difficulty or gain an advantage over your opponents.

Using this type of unofficial software can put your device and your personal data at risk. But there can also be other consequences. Quite a few game developers design systems to detect which users are using modified versions of their applications. The result? In most cases, your account will be deleted temporarily or permanently.

If the use of TutuApp raises doubts in your mind, it's normal. Therefore, we have prepared a series of articles that will allow you to get answers to the most common questions about this store. For example, we will talk about its installation, the permissions it requests or the differences between TutuApp and Tutu Helper. We also focus on what exactly it is and what are its main functions. As for usability, we have prepared a complete tutorial that reviews the interface of this application and shows you how you can use it correctly. Finally, we will address issues related to legality, security and whether it is possible to use it without root access. All, as always, without leaving Malavida.

If you want to dive into the TutuApp catalog and install it on your Android device, we advise you to download it from a trusted site. Do not forget that, by doing so from our servers, you ensure a fast, safe and reliable download.

Does TutuApp work without root?

Yes, it is possible to use an alternative app store without root. That statement includes TutuApp, but also other similar platforms, such as Aptoide or MoboPlay App Store. The installation of an additional store, as a rule, does not differ from the installation of other applications. The first thing you need to do is download its installation file in APK format and then run it. Once finished, the new store will be available on your device.


What is Tutu Helper? Is it the same as TutuApp?

TutuApp and Tutu Helper are exactly the same application. Both work as an alternative to the official Google store, the Play Store. From TutuApp and, consequently, from Tutu Helper, you will be able to download a great diversity of applications including, in many cases, modified versions to obtain additional functionalities.


What permissions does TutuApp request during the installation?

The installation of TutuApp does not require any specific permissions. In fact, it is enough to download its APK, or its installation file, and run it to have this alternative app store on your terminal. However, when you run TutuApp for the first time, you do need to grant it several permissions.


How to download paid games for free with TutuApp

Open the application installed on your device. At the top you have a search box, use it to type the name of the application you want to install.


What is TutuApp and what's it for?

TutuApp is an alternative app store for Android. From it, you can download the most common apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or YouTube. It also offers enhanced versions, with alterations in the original source code, which allow you to enjoy advanced features or, in the case of video games, a certain advantage over the rest of the players.


Is TutuApp safe or dangerous?

Apparently, downloading and installing TutuApp does not put your device at risk. At least, not directly. Why do we say that? Although there are no reports of users who have experienced problems installing TutuApp on their phone, there are doubts that using it is safe. There are at least four reasons why it is difficult to recommend its use:


Is TutuApp legal?

The installation and use of TutuApp is not illegal. However, its use is not recommended for some reasons. The first is that, in addition to official applications, it distributes modifications of the clients of various services, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. It also allows free downloading of paid content. This can seriously jeopardize the integrity of your device and your personal data, make you lose your user in some games or lead you to violate the laws protecting intellectual property in your country.


How to use TutuApp on Android

TutuApp is very simple to use. When you access it for the first time, you will find an initial screen very similar to that of any other store. In the Home section, you will see popular applications that may interest you.


How to install TutuApp on Android

Despite being an alternative app store to the Google Play Store, the installation of TutuApp does not differ at all from the rest of the apps. Therefore, you will be able to use it on your device without having advanced knowledge.


February 15, 2021. Translated by Shay O’Toole