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Vegas Pro, now developed by Magix, is definitely the best editor for PC which video artists and professionals work with to create almost perfect movies

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Any professional that works in the field of video and audio editing needs to get hold of a program like Vegas Pro, possibly the best non-linear editing system designed for PC. Initially developed by the Japanese multinational Sony, from the latest version it belongs to the German company Magix Software GmbH that has known how to improve and bring out the best of this product.

The best alternative to Adobe Premiere.

That's why it has become one of the most renowned editors on the market, even surpassing other popular alternatives like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Lightworks or Pinnacle Studio, and ideal for real-time editing on several audio and video tracks, with support for DirectX and VST plug-ins.

Main features

  • Professional editing of images, videos and audio files.
  • Multicamera edition: edit videos from up to a maximum of 32 different sources.
  • Possibility to insert filters, effects and transitions between different tracks.
  • Intuitive control over frames from a timeline.
  • Tools to pixellate shapes and objects.
  • DirectX and VST plugins to increase this software's functions.
  • Compatibility with all sorts of audio and video formats, including 4K.
  • Adjust the color of different clips by means of the Color Match function.
  • Possibility to work straight on RAW images.
  • 3D stereoscopic settings to adapt the depth of the target object.
  • Option to mix 2D elements with 3D material adding field depth to the bidimensional objects.

All the new features in version 14

With each new version of this software, its developers introduce new functions that increase its capacity and performance, trying to satisfy the demand of the thousands of professionals that use it all over the world. Since this version 14 is the first edition launched by Magix, its developers have brought all these new features:

  • Hover Scrub technology to add input and output points while viewing video clips.
  • FullHD to 4K conversion by means of smart scaling, maintaining the same image quality.
  • Compatibility with RED cameras to integrate the videos recorded with the latter.
  • New playing speeds that allow you to speed up videos up to 40x.
  • Intelligent zoom regardless of the camera's initial configuration to focus your attention on a certain aspect of a frame without losing quality.
  • New smart adaptive interlacing.
  • Quicker import of high-frequency images (HFR) to edit at maximum quality.
  • Renovated HEVC compression codec to not lose any quality.
  • New NewBlueFX Looks video effects and new design of text and titles with NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express.
  • New proDAD Mercalli image stabilization version.

Where to buy Vegas Pro and how much does it cost?

To purchase this video editor you'll have to go to Magix's official website, from where you can add the software to your shopping basket for the price of 599 euros, VAT included. You've also got the possibility to download the program straight from the web, in order to start using it immediately, or receive a physical copy of the application by mail.

A video editor that not everyone can afford.

So, can't I download it for free? Yes, don't worry about that. Despite its high price, you can download its free trial version that can be used for 7 days, extendable to 30 by means of a free registry, to get to know this program in depth before spending so much money. Just click on the download button and you'll have access to the installer that will download all the necessary files.

Which MAGIX Vegas Pro is better?

What? There's more than one version of this program? Well, yes, there are three different editions, each one of which is completer than the previous and the general features of which are explained below. Obviously, the last one of them is the best, but also the most expensive product of the three:

  1. Vegas Pro Edit: it's the most basic version, if we can use that word when talking about this software. It costs 399 euros and unlike the other versions it doesn't include DVD and Blu-ray authoring software or NewBlueFX Looks.
  2. VEGAS Pro: it's the standard version that we've described above. It costs 599 euros.
  3. Vegas Pro Suite: the full version of this software. It costs 799 euros and to all the previous features we have to add the possibility to create 3D objects and a new movement tracker.
Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used for 7 days, extendable to 30 by means of a free registry.
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