Vidiot is a video editing program for those users that don't need a wide range of complicated options for their projects, as it keeps things very simple


Simple easy-to-use video editor

May 31, 2021
8 / 10

Adobe and AVID are the developers of possibly the most important video editing tools you can find. Nevertheless, it's true that they can be more than what the average user needs, so it might be recommendable to choose simpler applications, as is the case of Vidiot.

A simple program to edit and mount video

This is a tool for the edition and mounting of video on Windows, that allows us to carry out image and video montages with the files stored on our hard drive. How to use it isn't at all complicated, as it basically comes along with copy and paste functions.

Basic functions to not overwhelm the user with more than what he needs.

The program's interface stands out for its simple and sober design, in which two areas stand out: the upper part offers us information about the clip as well as controls for its playback; the lower part is the work panel where we'll treat the images that are part of the project.

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