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If you are a Risk fanatic, both in the board and mobile versions, you will surely love Warzone, a title in which players have to conquer the world

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Fans of purely strategic war games will have a great time playing this title mobile devices. You can compete against the machine or participate in battles of up to 40 players to conquer the territory on thousands of maps.

Conquer thousands of maps

Warzone is an exciting strategy game, very similar to RISK: Global Domination in a simplified version. Of course, your mission in this title is to finish your enemies and conquer all the territory.

You can choose between the single-player and the multiplayer modes. In the games, each player starts with a set number of territories. At the beginning of each turn, you will receive new troops that can deploy in your territories as you want.

How you place them on the map is vital, as the number of troops in a territory indicates its defense points. Keep in mind that you can only attack adjacent enemy territories, which you will have to take into account when choosing your soldiers' position.

You have thousands of maps to choose from, all made by the community, or design your own!

To attack, you do not roll the dice: your victory or defeat will depend on the number of troops attacking and defending, that is it. The goal is to destroy the enemy armies while you conquer the world.

The games are short and dynamic, so they do not drag. Also, the cool thing about this game is the amount of maps it has. There are thousands of them available, and you can even design one yourself and upload it for everyone to play.

You can also join a clan, collect cards with power-ups, use mods, write in the community chat... and on top of that, it's 100% free, and there are no paid advantages. All you have to do is download the APK file and enjoy.

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Susana Arjona
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