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Learn how to pronounce words properly in English

July 7, 2010
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Foreigners usually have quite a few problems when it comes to pronouncing in English, especially those that speak Romance languages, and this is mainly due to the linguistic system that is used in English. Many letter combinations are pronounced differently to how they are written, something that can become rather confusing for foreigners.

Discover how to pronounce correctly in English

WikSpeak is the ideal tool to be able to know perfectly well how each word is pronounced in English, because you only have to write a word, and the program will offer the phonetic transcription (that is obtained from WordReference, a very popular website) and an audio file with the proper pronunciation (extracted from the Merriam-Webster).

The interface is very simple and practically doesn't occupy any space on the desktop, thus making it ideal to study.

If you still haven't found any program that will help you to pronounce properly in English, you should download and try out WikSpeak.

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