Winamp Lite


Winamp Lite is a very simple version of the popular player. Download Winamp Lite and you will have everything you need to listen to high quality music

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Winamp Lite is one of the most valued audio players in computing history, and you should really try it out. When MP3 files could only be played on the computer, Winamp was already a quality software application.

  With a few years of experience behind it, the quality possessed by Winamp Lite is very high. With an interface that is rather out dated but very simple and totally optimized to be functional, Winamp Lite includes all the options that any user may need when it comes to playing music or videos. Compatibility with dozens of formats, playlists, a complete equalizer and possibility to play CDs.

  Winamp Lite doesn't intend to be the most complete music player with the most functions (that's why it's called Lite), but it does have as an objective to play audio with greater quality, it offers a great selection of plug-ins and skins (something very popular in Winamp) and improves day by day in how it works.

  Furthermore, Winamp Lite supports contents via streaming, and it's possible to obtain a large amount of add-ons that will make it your favorite player.
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