Yabause is an emulator with which you will be able to play the classic Sega Saturn games once again. Download Yabause and have a good time with Sega games

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Yabause is an emulator that will allow you to play once again on the games developed for the Sega Saturn video game console. This Sega console had to compete with the Sony PlayStation, and had games like Dungeons and Dragons or Bubble Bobble. If you are nostalgic of this console, you will be able to enjoy these games with Yabause.

  A very positive aspect of this emulator is how simple it is to configure with regard to others. Even though to start off it looks more complex, in a few steps we will be able to start playing. With Yabause we can open games from the CD/DVD drive or open the game image that we have stored on our hard drive.

  The first step is to select if we are going to open the game from a CD/DVD drive or from an ISO file. The rest of the settings are simple, and they refer to the video, audio and input. Yabause also allows us to carry out screen captures and record video. Furthermore, we can choose if we want to play by means of the mouse or the keyboard.

  Have a good time playing the mythical Sega Saturn games thanks to Yabause.
Requirements and additional information:
This emulator doesn't include ROMs.
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