ZiNc is a practical emulator with which you will be able to enjoy classic video games once again. Download ZiNc for free and try this very simple emulator

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If you feel nostalgic about video arcade machines and you want to recall what it was like to play all the great classics that made you enjoy yourself so much as a kid, here is an emulator that may interest you quite a lot: ZiNc.

Play some of the greatest classic arcade games with this efficient emulator

Based on the hardware used for the Sony PlayStation, this emulator can contain up to a total of 71 games among which you will find: Bloody Roar 2, Street Fighter EX, Sonic Wings Limited, Tetris the Grand Master, and many more. This software will remind many users of other great applications like Mame32 with the sole exception that when it comes to loading games with this software it is all done from the command line, using a somewhat complex system, even though there are interfaces that have been developed to solve this problem, like ZiNc GUI, created expressly for this program.

As well as being able to play your favorite 3D arcade video games, this emulator will improve your experience by using all the graphic quality of modern game computers, together will improved sound.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
6 months ago
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