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ZKanji is a tool to learn Japanese free of charge. Download ZKanji and learn all the Japanese characters with this dictionary on your personal computer


Application to easily learn Japanese

March 22, 2019
7 / 10

ZKanji is a tool to learn Japanese on your computer. It's an English-Japanese and vice-versa dictionary, that has other functions that will help you to learn this very interesting language. The program gets its name from the word Kanji, which is the name given to the Japanese characters. You'll be able to see the characters and their meaning in English and you'll be able to fill in tests to check your knowledge of that language.

Learn Japanese on your PC

With this application, you'll be able to know all the Japanese language characters. You will be able to see their shape, meaning, and other similar features. ZKanji is, above all, an English-Japanese and vice versa dictionary, so that you'll be able to write a word in English and see the corresponding word in Japanese.

ZKanji also has a tool to be able to check what you have learned. You will see sentences written in Japanese and you'll have to write the translation into English.

If you're interested in learning Japanese, a good way to start is by downloading ZKanji and getting familiarized with its characteristics and meanings.

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