A Girl Adrift Android

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A Girl Adrift is a unique role-playing game for Android where the world has been flooded and a girl adrift fishes while people survive as long as they can


Open world game starred by a drifting girl

January 19, 2022
7 / 10

The world where the protagonist lives becomes almost completely flooded. While we discover the reason, we cannot stop thinking think of this catastrophic event is someway related to climate change.

A Girl Adrift is an RPG with fishing game elements that are entertaining and relaxing. As the game progresses, we must follow our adorable little survivor along her journey. But she is not alone: she has a fishing rod.

To fish, we will have to throw the hook and wait for the fish to bite (obviously). Then, we must pick up the line and prepare to "fight" the fish using the touch screen. Every touch will make the fish run out of vitality. If we manage to reduce its life to zero before the end of time, we will have a new fish in the raft.

Forget insomnia with the sea's beautiful sound.

Explore the world on your raft

DAERISOFT's main character of this game lives in her wooden raft. With her, we will travel from one side to the other through the world map, searching for other survivors who have managed to move on with their lives, either opening small businesses or floating adrift as our protagonist.

While we travel and complete missions, we must catch as many fish as we can, including special fish and bosses, to obtain coins. We can invest our earnings to personalize the protagonist's look, change and decorate our raft, and even trade with other characters. There are lots of fish and items to collect, giving us a few hours of gameplay.

A beautiful game where you can learn about fish.

The designs and locations are wonderful, the game has a pleasant and relaxing environment. All game aspects merge to provide a peaceful experience for the player. This game's attractiveness is the tranquillity of fishing.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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