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Web applications now on your desktop

March 24, 2021
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Adobe AIR will allow you to create desktop applications based on web technologies like HTML, AJAX or Flash among others. It allows you to launch web applications from the desktop without requiring a browser to do so, and its main objective is to make the development of this kind of program a lot easier and intuitive for those people that are already familiar with the creation of web pages, thus favoring the work dynamics.

Use web technology on your desktop

Adobe AIR has the virtue of being cross-platform, thus supporting Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and offers low resource usage. This offers the possibility to use a single application on the majority of systems, thus saving a lot of work for the developers. The programs developed with Adobe AIR only require that you have the runtime environment installed on your computer to work. Furthermore, at Adobe Labs it's possible to find hundreds of programs ready to work on Adobe AIR.

This tool is a real innovation when it comes to web content creators, because it allows them to reuse the code that they have used to develop web-based applications to create new independent client programs. From the official Adobe website you'll have access to a large list of the already developed applications that use this technology, with the possibility to find tools like all types of multimedia players, microblogging services, eBay account controls or even programs that will allow you to interact with Wall Street, with the possibility to sell your Nasdaq shares. Any web-based application now has the possibility to end up on a desktop thanks to Adobe AIR.

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