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Embarcadero Dev-C++ is one of the best and lightest development environments. Download it for free and start enjoying the best tool for C++ programming


Excellent free IDE for C/C++

June 30, 2021
8 / 10

One of the best C/C++ programming environments is Embarcadero Dev-C++, which has the added advantage of being a totally free application. This IDE features a straightforward and intuitive interface that makes it easy to handle both the code editor and it integrates.

A fast, portable, simple, and free C/C++ IDE for Windows.

Main features

  • Embarcadero Dev-C++ uses the TDM-GCC 9.2.0 32/64-bit compiler and is compatible with CCG-based compilers.
  • Handy code editor with syntax color coding, search options, replace, etc.
  • Integrated debugging (using BGF).
  • Lots of configuration options to customize the compiler, the environment, and the editor itself.
  • Markers and breakpoints.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Modification and compilation of resource files.
  • Possibility to add, edit, and delete tools.
  • Different interface themes.
  • GPROF profiling support.
  • It allows users to quickly create static libraries and DLLs for Windows consoles.
  • It includes templates for your own projects.

In short, with this integrated development environment, you will be able to write, compile, and execute your C++ programs without hassle. Undoubtedly, Embarcadero Dev-C++ Dev-C++ is one of the best free alternatives to other IDEs such as Microsoft's Visual Studio.

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