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Dev-C++ is one of the best and lightest development environments that exist for C++. Download Dev-C++ for free and enjoy the best tool to program in C++

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One of the best development environments focused on coding in C/C++, is Dev-C++ that also has the advantage of being totally free. This IDE has a very intuitive and simple interface, that will make it very easy for us to handle both the code editor as well as the compiler that it integrates.

  The main features of Dev-C++ are:
- Use of the MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) compiler, an implementation of the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) compilers for Windows systems.
- Practical code editor with syntax coloring, search options, replace,...
- Vast amount of configuration options to customize the compiler, the environment or the editor.
- Insert markers and break points.
- Use of keyboard shortcuts.
- Possibility to add, edit or remove tools.
- Selection of different themes for the interface (New Look, Blue...).

  All in all, from this integrated development environment you'll be able to write, compile and launch your programs in C++ without further complications. Without a doubt, Dev-C++ is one of the best free alternatives to other IDEs like Visual Studio, offered by Microsoft.
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