Development Environments for Windows

In the category of development environments for Windows you'll find IDEs for the most popular programming and coding languages such as C, C++, C# or Pascal

Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate English

The best development environment for Windows

Visual Studio 2010 Professional English
Visual Studio 2010 Professional

Develop software for Windows and web applications

Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate English

The new development environment by Microsoft

Turbo C++ 4.5 English

Develop applications in C++ and compile their code

Visual Studio Code 1.33.1 English
Visual Studio 2017 Professional

Microsoft's IDE

Arduino IDE 1.8.9 English

The revolution to domestic electronics

MIT App Inventor 2 2.3.0 English

Develop your own Android applications without any trouble

Visual Basic 2013 Express English

Learn how to develop applications with Visual Basic

Visual Studio 2008 Express With SP1 English
Visual Studio 2008 Express With SP1

Free programming software for beginners

Code::Blocks 17.12 English

Integrated development environment for C++

Dev-C++ 5.11 4.9.2 English
Dev-C++ 5.11 4.9.2

Excellent free C/C++ IDE

Java JDK SE 14.0.1 English
Java JDK SE 14.0.1

Tools to develop Java applications

JCreator Pro 5.10.002 English
JCreator Pro 5.10.002

The most powerful Java integrated development environment

Python 3.7.2 English
Python 3.7.2

One of the most practical programing languages

Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3 English
Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 3

Your favorite IDE adapted to modern times

Visual Basic 2013 Express English

Develop applications in C# thanks to this free IDE

PHP 5 .6.40 English
PHP 5 .6.40

Create and manage dynamic webpages by adding PHP to your server

Visual Basic 6 SP6 English

Update Visual Basic 6 with the latest Service Pack

Visual COBOL 4.0 (Visual Studio) English
Visual COBOL 4.0 (Visual Studio)

Fantastic visual environment to program using COBOL

Free Pascal 3.2.0 English

Pascal development environment

JavaScript Plus! 7.0 English

A simple and capable JavaScript editor

Android Studio English

Google's own IDE to develop Android apps

Visual Studio 6 SP5 English

Fifth pack of updates for Visual Studio 6

C++Builder XE6 English

Create native applications for different operating systems

Visual Basic 2013 Express English
Visual C++ 2013 Express

Development environment to learn C++

Kodu Game Lab English
Kodu Game Lab

The easiest tool to create video games

Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Team Suite English

Improve the performance of Visual Studio 2005

Adobe AIR English
Adobe AIR

Web applications now on your desktop

Greenfoot 3.5.1 English
Greenfoot 3.5.1

Program Java games as easy as possible

R-project 4.0.5 English
R-project 4.0.5

Greate development environment for statistic tools

PHP 4 .4.9 English
PHP 4 .4.9

Essential libraries and their execution engine

Unity 2019.3.7 English
Unity 2019.3.7

The videogame deveopment environment of the game engine

NetBeans IDE 12.0 English

The development environemnt for Java

Android NDK r17b English

Compile your code for Android as native Java code

Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 1.0 English

Excellent tool for the development of business applications

RoboMind 6.0.1 English
RoboMind 6.0.1

Learn how to program with the ROBO programming language

NS Basic App Studio 7.3 English

Develop your own mobile applications

PyCharm 2018.1.4 English
PyCharm 2018.1.4

Python development environment

Alice 3.4 English
Alice 3.4

A development environment conceived for children

Eclipse 2018-12 English
Eclipse 2018-12

Integrated development environment for Java applications