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NetBeans IDE is a development environment that provides us with all the modules, libraries, and dependencies necessary to code in the Java language


The development environemnt for Java

March 5, 2024
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Integrated development environments, known as their abbreviation IDE, are applications that provide us with the services necessary to develop software. And these IDEs are all different depending on the coding language used, of course, because they don't all have the same requirements.

One of the most popular languages at present both for the development of desktop and mobile and web applications is Java, and the best development environment to work with it is probably NetBeans IDE, an open-source project with loads of users.

Everything you need to start developing Java plug-ins and applications

This development platform offers us different sorts of services allowing us to focus on our application. These are the main features offered:

  • NetBeans visual library.
  • All sorts of integrated development tools.
  • Support for step-by-step dialogs by means of an assistant frame.
  • User interface management, being able to add and remove menus and toolbars.
  • User configuration management.
  • Possibility to manage our storage from where we can load data or save our work.
  • Support for add-ons.

This software also allows us to install specific modules and libraries, such as those necessary to create service-oriented applications with XML schematics tools and a WSDL editor, or whatever you need to create PHP web applications.

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