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JCreator is a specific Java IDE. Download JCreator and program in this integrated development environment that includes an editor, a debugger and a compiler

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JCreator is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) specifically designed to program in Java, that includes an editor, debugger and compiler in the same application. It's one of the most powerful and efficient programs that exist, even when compared to others like JDeveloper, JBuilder, Eclipse or Netbeans, because it is fully written in C++, and thanks to this it uses fewer resources.

  Some of the features that it offers are:
- Project and template manager.
- Code autocompletion.
- Editor with command color highlighting.
- Debugger.
- Customizable interface.
- Associate the applications with workspace files (.jcw), with project files (.jcp) or with any file with a .java, .jsp or .xml extension.

  Another of JCreator's advantages is that it allows us to select the path where Java Development Kit (JDK) has been installed, thus avoiding having to configure the path manually for it to work. It also allows us to indicate the JDK JavaDocs path, to allow us use the official Java documentation as a reference.

  If you program in Java, you have to try out JCreator, the integrated development environment that you were waiting for.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to install the latest version of JDK to compile and launch the programs within the application. You can try out the program for 15 days.
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