NVIDIA Omniverse


NVIDIA Omniverse is the utility tool for developers to program their own applications for the upcoming Omniverse, their own vision of the metaverse


NVIDIA's tool for programming your Omniverse

November 11, 2021
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With less media attention than Mark Zuckerberg got in his announcement of Meta and the creation of the Facebook-linked metaverse, NVIDIA has long been working on its own version of an augmented reality-based virtual world they've dubbed Omniverse.

The NVIDIA metaverse

Along with more than 500 other companies, NVIDIA has been working for some time on a development kit that provides programmers with a development environment to create applications for what it sees as the future of social relationships in the technological and virtual realm. This is NVIDIA Omniverse, with which users can create 3D avatars, synthetic expressions, and virtual replicas of the physical world.

This platform comprises 5 main components to develop the Omniverse ecosystem:

  • Nucleus: a database and collaborative engine that enables the sharing of a wide variety of applications, renderings and microservices for the representation of virtual worlds.
  • Connect: the plugins that enable the activation of client apps that connect to Nucleus to publish and subscribe to the generated worlds.
  • Kit: the module for developers to generate their own extensions, applications, services and plugins for their ecosystem.
  • Simulation: a scalable and physically approximate simulation of the world where developers can test their creations.
  • RTX Renderer: an advanced multi-GPU scalable renderer accelerated by RTX technology.

This development kit opens the world to a more concrete metaverse in close collaboration with companies, which, like Meta, has yet to have a real-world impact.

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