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Squeak! is a development environment specially focused on school teaching. Download Squeak! to be able to easily create applications that help learning


Development environment focused on teaching

May 14, 2019
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Squeak! is one of the few development environments that has been conceived to be used exclusively in an academic environment. It is a solution that, by means of an object-based language, will allow anyone with a certain degree of computing knowledge to create complete applications to make it easier to understand any subject.

Programming environment to learn SmallTalk

The application has an interface from which we will be able to access the different tools that we will have available, like drawing and calculation tools, widgets to insert notes or to increase a specific area of the main window, or other functions that have been developed to create storyboards.

The main window is very practical because it is a totally empty area to which we will be able to drag all those things that we consider important for the development of our applications, like videos, images, sound files or 3D graphics.

If you were looking for a development environment from which you will be able to create all sorts of educational tools, you have to try Squeak! as soon as possible.

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Antony Peel