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Thanks to C++Builder you will have available the tool to create multiplatform applications in C++. C++Builder is adapted to the industry's standards


Create native applications for different operating systems

May 6, 2014
9 / 10

The developers of applications in C++, who want to maintain the standards that allow them to create native applications for OS X or Windows, can make use of C++Builder, the reliable solution developed by Embarcadero. This is a tool to create applications in C++ for several operating systems using the same source code, and without affecting the development's quality, performance or connectivity.

The ideal solution to create multiplatform applications with C++.

C++Builder XE5 allows you to develop multiplatform applications using a single source code and only one system, and all the latter without affecting the application's performance, regardless of the platform on which it will later be run.


  • Support for programming in C++.
  • Wide range of libraries to optimize the development.
  • Creation of native applications for different operating systems.
  • Simpler and more visual development environment.
  • Compatibility with 64-bit systems.

Full compatibility

C++Builder's compatibility is guaranteed as it meets the latest C and C++ standards, which means that the code can definitely be maintained, reused and expanded. In turn, it is also prepared for the code to run on both 32 and 64-bit systems, therefore, all users have the chance to make the most of any development.

With C++Builder you will have a software development solution backed by different awards and millions of programmers that make use of this technology.

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